Natural Strawberry Quartz Stone For Sale at Wholesale Price

The name and Nature of this Gemstone may be a little self-explanatory but it is still important to Explain how and why it has made a Permanent and unforgotten place in the rapidly-evolving Gemstone industry. Rumor has it that the color of this Gemstone resembles a Strawberry’s so much that it is possible to mistake the Stone for the Delicious Fruit chunks sometimes – Natural Strawberry Quartz Stone For Sale at Wholesale Price.

Everyone who has held this Gemstone in person can vouch for the fact that its deep pink color is highly Attractive.

Strawberry Quartz is a type of Quartz. It is the mixture of Goethite and Iron Oxide that fill the Crystalline Matrix.

When paired with a November Birthstone such as Topaz, this Gemstone is able to inspire feelings of Love within you and also aid you in having more positive thoughts.

It is reassuring to note that 12% of the Earth’s crust is made of the Quartz mineral. By this Calculation, it is easy to come to the Conclusion that it will be available to mankind for Quite some time.