Natural Mexican Fire Opal Stone For Sale at Wholesale Price

Mexican Fire Opal are exclusive in the rich Universe of the Opals. Mexican Fire Opal Stone is an exceptionally sought-after variety of the Opal Stone sourced only from Mexico. It is prized for its fiery body shading went with or without the Rainbow-like play-of-color – Natural Mexican Fire Opal Stone For Sale at Wholesale Price.

With its unmatched Gleam, Mexican Fire Opal customized in a piece of adornment always gets the Spotlight. Mexican Fire Opal is a Gemstone of karma, bounty, creativity, enthusiasm, & passion.

Many people Erroneously think that a Fire Opal is simply an Opal with an abundant amount of red color showing in its Alluring, brilliant display of colors. A Mexican Fire Opal is, in reality, different than the Opal we are accustomed to seeing.

After all, Mexican Fire Opals are a piece of Nature in its most Lovely form.

Some of the crystal clear material is faceted, mounted in Commercial Gems, and explained as “Tangerine Opal” because of its shading. Mexican Fire Opals are discovered in rock strata going through mountain regions where there are numerous extinct Volcanoes and Opal veins are found in joints, Cracks or Cavities.