Natural Demantoid Stone For Sale at Wholesale Price

Demantoid has a really high refractive index making it not the handiest the maximum splendid garnet but additionally more superb than each ruby and sapphire. Demantoid garnet also has an extraordinary hearth and boasts the best dispersion rating of any earrings gemstone available today, even exceeding that of fine diamond. Natural Demantoid Stone For Sale at Wholesale Price.

Demantoid garnets were first determined within the Ural Mountains of Russia, and although garnets were recognized for a while, Demantoid wasn’t observed till 1853. Today, Russian Demantoid is considered extremely uncommon and very precious. Russian Demantoid is relatively prized for its specific golden ‘horsetail’ inclusions, owing to the presence of byssolite or chrysotile asbestos; but now not all Russian Demantoid reveals golden thread-like inclusions. Different origins can also produce comparable inclusions but rather than being as a result of lines of asbestos, they may appear as traits of serpentinite geographic origins.

Demantoid garnet became first determined inside the Ural Mountains in Russia in 1853; the Russian deposits remained the most effective source till the main location changed into determined in Namibia (the green Dragon Mine) in 1996. In 2003, there was every other enormous deposit determined in Madagascar. Recently, there had been mentioned findings in Afghanistan, Italy, Iran, China, Korea, Zaire and the United States.


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