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4mm Natural Green Tourmaline Faceted Round Gemstone

Natural Pink Opal Smooth Pear Cabochon

2.5mm Natural Blue Apatite Faceted Round Gemstone

8mm Natural Black Onyx Faceted Trillion Cut Gemstone

Natural London Blue Topaz Faceted Trillion Gemstone

3x2mm Natural Amethyst Smooth Oval Cabochon

6x4mm Natural Sky Blue Topaz Faceted Pear Cut Gemstone

5x4mm Natural Citrine Faceted Oval Cut Gemstone

7x5mm Natural Swiss Blue Topaz Faceted Pear Cut Gemstone

4x5mm Natural African Amethyst Smooth Pear Cabochon

Natural London Blue Topaz Smooth Round Cabochon

2.25mm Natural Lapis Lazuli Faceted Round Gemstone

Natural London Blue Topaz Oval Faceted Gemstone

5x4mm Natural Amazonite Smooth Oval Cabochon

5x4mm Natural Pink Chalcedony Smooth Oval Cabochon

4x5mm Natural Black Onyx Smooth Oval Cabochon

4x3mm Natural Green Onyx Smooth Pear Cabochon

10x14mm Natural Lapis Lazuli Smooth Oval Cabochon

5mm Natural Peridot Smooth Round Cabochon

5x4mm Natural Blue Chalcedony Smooth Oval Cabochon

10x14mm Natural Black Spinel Smooth Oval Cabochon

12x10mm Natural Lapis Lazuli Oval Faceted Cut Gemstone

3.5mm Natural Black Spinel Faceted Round Gemstone

5mm Natural Aqua Chalcedony Round Rose Cut Cabochon

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