Natural Colombian Emerald Stone For Sale at Wholesale Price

Colombia is country situated in the continent of Africa, is the world’s largest producer of the enticing green emerald. Due to this sole reason, green emeralds are often referred to as Colombian Emerald Stone.

According to the latest data, Colombia alone accounts for 70-90% of the world’s emerald production. In Colombia, the emerald mines are located all over the country.

Colombian area of Boyacá and Cundinamarca, both are located in the Eastern Ranges of the Colombian Andes, are the prime mining locations where most of the emerald are found.

Colombia has several privately and government-owned mines which are making high-quality green emerald. Chivor is one of the top privately-owned mines in Colombia. Muzo and Coscuez have 2 yeas government lease and are mining the high in demand green Colombian emerald. Brazil, Afghanistan and Tanzania are some other countries producing high-quality green emerald.

The Colombian Emerald Stone is available in various price ranges. The price of Colombian emeralds depends on the quality and the amount of crystal. The high-quality emeralds which are mined in the area of Boyacá are very expensive because of their extremely bewitching physical beauty.

The green emeralds from Colombia are considered to be the purest emeralds because unlike other emeralds which are found in igneous rock, these are the only one found in sedimentary rocks.

Colombian emeralds are green crystals with a very shiny appearance. The dark green co-loured emerald is considered as the most beautiful among all shades and therefore is one of most demanded Colombian Emerald Stone.

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