Natural Moldavite Stone For Sale at Wholesale Price

Born in the lap of Mother earth, Moldavite Stone’s World is filled with the Freshness and Calmness of the Nature. It paints all the shades of green on the canvas of your Soul. Wrapping you with the winds of joy and the breeze of Positivity, Sugilite will enhance your Mind and Soul and freshen up your Life Style. This Stone is Gorgeous blend of Beauty and power adding to its high value. Natural Moldavite Stone For Sale at Wholesale Price.

Moldavite is a Natural Birth Stone for people born in the Month of summer particularly April and May. Wearing this Precious Birth Stone by people Born in these Two Months have many Amplifying affect on their Life Spiritually, Emotionally, Financially and Physically.

Moldavite Gem Stone is an olive green colored Stone found near the Vltava River in the Czech Republic. The name Vltavine is, hence, derived from its place of origin. Commonly it is called as Moldavite and is said to be based on the German name of a Bohemian city Moldauthein where this Gemstone was mined in Bulk.

The largest deposit of Moldavite are found the near the Vltava river basin between Prachatice and Trhovými Sviny, especially to the south and west of České Budějovice, Czech Republic. Some deposits are also found near Moravia in the Central region of the River Jihlava.

Significant amount of deposit is found near Austria and its neighbouring areas as well. Germany is also one of the oldest deposition sites of this Stone.

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