Natural Azurite Stone For Sale at Wholesale Price

Azurite Stone stunning blue colored mineral which is used by people in many parts of the World for thousands of years to activate the third eye Chakra and to stimulate Spiritual growth. Natural Azurite Stone For Sale at Wholesale Price.

Azurite is a carbonated mineral made with the fusion of Ccarbon-Dioxide-laden waters with subsurface Copper ores.

Records are evidence that Azurite was used in ancient Japan and Egypt the name Azurite is derived from the Stones Azure blue color.

Azurite is made by Natural minerals found in many parts of the World in the upper oxidized portion of copper and deposits open near Malaysia at the green basic or carbonate of copper.

Azurite is found in many places. The most famous sources are the USA, Namibia, Congo, Morocco, and Australia. At one time it was found in Chessy near Lyon, France and Azurite was sometimes referred to as a chess elite.

Some studies Auzurite is not familiar to water. Because it belongs to the “ite” group are not familiar to water.

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