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3mm Natural Swiss Blue Topaz Faceted Round Gemstone

3x6mm Natural Labradorite Marquise Faceted Cut Gemstone

Natural Citrine Faceted Round Cut Gemstone

5mm Natural London Blue Topaz Princess Cut Gemstone

Natural Carnelian Smooth Oval Cabochon

12x10mm Natural Rose Quartz Faceted Pear Cut Gemstone

3x2mm Natural Ethiopian Opal Smooth Oval Cabochon

10x14mm Natural Crystal Quartz Faceted Pear Cut Gemstone

10x12mm Natural Amethyst Faceted Oval Cut Gemstone

3mm Natural Carnelian Round Rose Cut Cabochon

6mm Natural Rainbow Moonstone Round Rose Cut Cabochon

5x7mm Natural Green Onyx Oval Faceted Cut Gemstone

5x4mm Natural Peach Moonstone Smooth Oval Cabochon

3mm Natural Green Aventurine Smooth Round Cabochon

5mm Natural Smoky Quartz Princess Cut Gemstone

Natural Crystal Quartz Faceted Pear Cut Gemstone

6mm Natural Green Chalcedony Round Rose Cut Cabochon

1.5mm Natural London Blue Topaz Faceted Round Gemstone

10x14mm Natural Ethiopian Opal Smooth Oval Cabochon

5mm Natural Amazonite Faceted Trillion Cut Gemstone

9x7mm Natural Red Garnet Faceted Oval Cut Gemstone

10x14mm Natural Amethyst Smooth Pear Cabochon

9x7mm Natural Ethiopian Opal Smooth Pear Cabochon

9x7mm Natural Peridot Faceted Pear Cut Gemstone

Wholesale Loose Gemstones

Loose Gemstone is a Semi-Precious Stone or Precious Stone that has been cut and polished properly. In simple terms, a Loose Gemstone is an enhanced version of Semi and Precious Stones.  Loose Gemstones are highly demanded because of their immense Beauty and mystical Powers with which they make lives better – Loose Gemstones in Wholesale

Precious Stones and Semi-Precious Stones have many similarities, the only differences between them is that of the rarity. These are cut and polished to use as Jewelry and other ornamental and pieces of Art. These Stones are hard Gemstones and range from 5 to 10 on the Mohs scale. Their refractive index lies between 1.6 – 1.8. These are highly valued and desired because of their high clarity and luster.

Loose Gemstones have vitreous glass-like or waxy luster. Loose Stones are found in various colors from colorless to dark red, dark blue. The colors of these Stones are either natural, that is, due to the presence of trace amount of impurities or they are treated with heat or radiation to get desired colors of various shades. Loose Stones are cut in various shapes depending on the demand and popularity and sold in the market.

The most popular shapes are Oval, Round, Emerald and Cushion shapes. They are sometimes often cut into the cat’s eye shape. The values of Gemstones are usually determined by their properties and Quality. Clarity, Rarity, Beauty, freedom of defect and their demands are the most important criteria for their pricing. Precious Stones are one of the most Beautiful and Desired Stones. Their aesthetic Beauty matched with their unbeatable crystalline shine makes Loose Gemstones desirable.


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