Natural Mystic Topaz Stone For Sale at Wholesale Price

The World of Mystic Topaz Stone is like a canvas, filled with different shades of vibrant colors. You can see the ocean blue color slowly peeking through the stone. The violet sits quietly inside the shiny crystal and secretly filing up your mind and soul with the warmth of its shade. Natural Mystic Topaz Stone For Sale at Wholesale Price.

Mystic Topaz is a naturally occurring variety of Topaz that has been enhanced. It undergoes a treatment to achieve the brilliant rainbow-like sparkle. The process of conversion is done by adding a layer of titanium on the surface of Topaz. This layering process is done by vaporization and the titanium layer binds properly with the Topaz layer.

It is the birthstone for the month of November.

Mystic Topaz Stone is recently mined Gemstones, the very first sourcing dating back to 1998. It has become popular Gemstone since then, ranking among the top sold Gemstones.

Mystic Topaz mining locations are around various parts of the globes. Deposits of these stones have been found in Asia, in countries like Afghanistan, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Japan.

Brazil is considered the top mining source of Mystic Topaz, contributing more than half of the world’s total Mystic Topaz production.

China, USA and Ukraine are other countries making high-quality Mystic Topaz Stone and selling it worldwide.

Trace amount of Mystic Topaz has also been found in countries like Mexico, Namibia, Nigeria, Zimbabwe and Russia.

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