Natural Herkimer Diamond Stone For Sale at Wholesale Price

You cannot change what you were born as, but you sure can decide what you become. Fate has only so much influence in our life. When and where we are born along with the situation of our surrounding and family is in the hands of fate. That’s it; the job of fate is done there. Now, where we drive ourselves to, in life, the opportunities we grab, and the risks we take are all in our hands. We are the writer of our life and no one else. We can write the best story that this world has ever witnessed or we can cry about why we weren’t born with an already perfect-jolly life story – Natural Herkimer Diamond Stone For Sale at Wholesale Price.

The Herkimer Diamond, a stone magical powers and immense beauty is a perfect example of the above statement. Born as double terminated quartz, this magnificent crystal has been raised to the stature of a Diamond.

It has a beautiful Diamond-like sparkle and clarity which makes it no less than any magnificent Diamond of high value. Herkimer Diamond is the birthstone for April and therefore shows the strongest powers when worn by an April-born.

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