Natural Orange Diamond Stone For Sale at Wholesale Price

Orange Diamond are very widely known over the world. It is very beautiful and attractive to the people. This Diamond is found broadly in the world. These Diamonds that are found in Orange color that is very influential and gorgeous in look. It is a secondary hue. Orange ones are not very arduous to find. It can be found readily in the world. Orange Color ones are highly exceptional in the world. These are not so rare but it is found in many intense grades so certain intense grades are quite rare and not convenient to discover. Natural Orange Diamond Stone For Sale at Wholesale Price.

Natural Orange one is very unique and it is very Fabulous in natural hues. Natural Fancy ones are found in many secondary hues Orange, purple, red, yellow, etc. These secondary hues are a very famous color in the world and highly sought in the world. Natural Fancy Diamonds are utterly natural and pure in nature and it’s the main reason is the presence of nitrogen in the Orange Diamonds.

Pure Fancy Vivid Orange Diamond Stones are described as pumpkin Diamonds. Natural Fancy Diamonds are found in all structures and cut. Some most recognized shapes are Cushion shapes, princess, Emerald, Pear cut, Radiant, Oval, Marquise, Asscher, Heart shape Diamonds and Round Natural Fancy Diamonds. The cushion-cut and 5.54 carats weights Fancy Vivid Orange Diamonds were sold to New York in 1997 and it was bought by Ronald Winston.

Natural Orange Diamond Stones are derived from the Argyle mine that is very famous for the colored Diamonds’ productivity. These Diamonds are highly produced from the Argyle mines that are located in Australia. These are also derived from South Africa as well. Both spots are commonly known for the availability of this Color Diamonds in Argyle mines. The Brownish Orange hues were discovered in South Africa in 1997. It was derived from the alluvial deposits.

Orange Diamond Stones are supposed the component of the Carbon category and known for the hardest material. Its name was derived from the Greek word Adamas that means harder minerals that demonstrate the merits of the gems.

Orange Diamond Stone demands depend on its carat weights because it has broken the world record for its high price as per carat weights. The rare carat’s weight is 14.82 carats of Orange Diamonds and one carat is valued at 2.4 million costs. This Color Diamonds that sound like Pumpkin Diamonds are very valuable Diamonds. These are quite heavily sought Diamonds as compared to yellow and others. This Diamond’s narration initiated from Australia and South Africa country.

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