Natural Mystic Quartz Stone For Sale at Wholesale Price

Sometimes, life turns upside down without any notice. One day, you are dancing with the happiness surrounding you, thinking nothing can get better than this and suddenly everything gets dark. You find yourself in a pit devoid of any beautiful shades you have ever seen. You keep digging in the hopes that at the end somewhere, there will be a sparkly shine and you will see the light of the day. But, there seems no end to it and the more you dig, the deeper you find yourself in the pit. Mystic Quartz comes to you like no less than a savior. This stone picks you up at your lowest and fills your soul with the shades of light and life that you have missed so dearly. You start seeing the rainbow within your heart. Natural Mystic Quartz Stone For Sale at Wholesale Price.

Mystic Quartz Stone is an enhanced variety of naturally occurring white Quartz. The beautiful brilliance and colors are achieved by coating a thin film on the surface of the crystal. As the coating is done only on the surface, the enhancement of the Mystic Quartz is only temporary and can be destroyed by any further treatment.

Mystic Quartz Stone is a magical stone which brings stability and sparkle in the life of people who put their trust in it. with this stone near you, you will always find your way to peace in your life.

Mystic Quartz Stone is an enhanced variety of pure white Quartz. The very beautiful combinations of different colors arise due to the coating applied on the surface of the white Quartz. It is often referred to as the rock crystal and has its depositions all around the world. Brazil, Madagascar and the United States of America and the Alps are the chief mining locations of Mystic Quartz. A trace amount of this crystal is found in some parts of Asia and Africa as well.

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