Natural Black Tourmaline Stone For Sale at Wholesale Price

Beauty isn’t always Pink or Red or something Bright. Sometimes Beauty it is Dark, like a Cloudy Sky before rain. Beauty does not always come with Crystalline Shine, sometimes it is Rusty. Beauty can’t be stereotyped or bounded by a set definition and Black Tourmaline Stone is a perfect example of that. Black Tourmaline is a Beauty in Black. Natural Black Tourmaline Stone For Sale at Wholesale Price.

Blessed with immense Beauty and Magical power, Black Tourmaline Stone stands out as one of the most Divine Gem Stone.

Tourmaline comes from the Sinhalese word tormalli which means Gem Stones in general. This term was commonly used in Sri Lanka. It is one of the most Abundant forms of Tourmaline and has a 95% Occurrence out of all the Tourmaline Gem Stones.

Black Tourmaline is the Birthstone for people Born in the month of October and is associated the Astrological sign of Libras.

Black Tourmaline, also called as Schorl is the most common species of Tourmaline. Almost 95% of Tourmaline mined in various parts of the World is Schorl. The name Schorl is based on the name of a village in Germany. Near the village was a tin mine where Black Tourmaline was found in abundance, now the village is named Zschorlau.

It is a commonly found uncommon mineral and hence its Selling Price is lower than other uncommon minerals.

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