Natural Lapis Lazuli Stone For Sale at Wholesale Price

Natural Lapis Lazuli Stone For Sale at Wholesale Price. Blue as a hue, Blue as a choice,

Blue is you, You really have a choice.

Your augustness is blue, Grey is your goofiness,

Your honor is blue, but your dishonor is black,

the truth has many colors, but yours is blue because wisdom is your reference caused by that hue.

Even the sky is blue, but yours don’t have a hue.

Why do you strike on a thought ever had an idea of that? Didn’t it looks strange too when you say something to someone, and your inner soul says totally opposite to it… Why does your mouth flicker and fingers get frozen? Are you tasting your anxiety still? Is your inner conscious says “No Man! say true… We do believe in blissful sentiments as well as well being but also to cure your frozen life fruits to their normal juicy state.

We do have a third eye, but we are not Shiva. We do precept about many things, but we always believe in a balance so, understand it clearly that December won’t stay long and it will be a new sun later, but you can really deep your thoughts as well as curb out your anxiety sheep to wool it out hence, feel light.