Natural Black Obsidian Stone For Sale at Wholesale Price

Black Obsidian Stone is a knight in Black Armour made of steel and iron. It is a Knight who stands at the front and leads the army on the battle field. He doesn’t give up in the face of fear and enemy, he keeps on fighting even if the men behind him keep getting lost in the sand. Even when there is no one to Fight on his back, Black Obsidian, just like a brave Knight will stand tall with a sword in his hand and iron on his chest and face its enemy like has no plans of Losing. He will not give up till he has tasted the Blood of Victory. Natural Black Obsidian Stone For Sale at Wholesale Price.

Obsidian is a Stone of victory, Strength and Dedication. It is a powerful Stone combined with a beautiful Black color making it look like a knight on a battle field. This Stone will benefit you in many ways and protect you like a brave knight.

Black Obsidian is found in large parts of the Earth’s Crust. This Stone is usually concentrated in the areas of Geological volcanic activity.

Argentina, Canada, Chile, Ecuador, Greece, New Zealand, Peru, Kenya, Mexico, Russia, United States have significant amount of Black Obsidian deposition. In the United States, This Precious Stone is deposited in Arizona, California, Idaho, Nevada, New Mexico and other nearby regions. Most of the Black Obsidian used for making jewelries is mined and exported from the United States of America.

Obsidian, which is older than a few million years, have a rare occurrence because the Glassy rock is easily destroyed by weathering, heat or other geological processes.

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