Natural Citrine Stone For Sale at Wholesale Price

Natural Citrine Stone For Sale at Wholesale Price – The Chakras shed like the Citrine’s natural Autumn Hue! As the November came as cold as iced iron, with hard rimes every morning, bestowing with the Citrine for the Good Fortune.

The divine power of the sun is said to hold the energy to defeat any negative vitality so as the Citrine a glassy Crystal Variety of Quartz will stimulate your ability to control and subdue the negative aspects in life.

Once in the cycle of calendar, It was an illusive dim day when November was facing an ample negative set back emotionally and mentally.

There was no one to take a stride forward in this month as the October annihilated itself in a rush of wailing winds and driving rain and… December was way too cold to come up …

November is supposed to have those last red berries and white snow, but its Chakras were not certain about those accumulated negative vibes.

But then,

The sun shined in favor of the Red Berries month as Romans with all their balanced vibes and with the discovery of a rare Gemstone as powerful as sun’s energy named “Citrine” which drove in the November as an outstanding Gemstone for transforming negative drive in positive.