Natural White Zircon Stone For Sale at Wholesale Price

White Zircon is a relatively transparent, colorless, semi-precious gemstone of the Nesosilicates mineral family. White Zircon has been traditionally used as an alternative for the far more costly diamond for hundreds of years. It’s almost similar it’s an only a little bit less hard (Mohs hardness of about 7.5), and it has the same luster and refractive index. It also has the brilliant dazzling, that the diamond is so famous for. Although, White Zircon is a stone of planet Uranus and works on Crown chakra in contrast to diamond which is a stone of Planet Venus and work on the heart chakra. Natural White Zircon Stone For Sale at Wholesale Price.

However, in recent gemology, White Zircon Stone has been improving importance in its own right. This gemstone is found in various other colors as well brown, yellow and orange being the most notable shades. Zircon is basically known as Zirconium silicate. This is normally found as a minor constituent in igneous rock, and in all types of rocks. It’s typical tetragonal structure leads to the white brilliance that is combined with the stone.

White Zircon Stone is a historic crystal both in terms of man and the earth itself. A piece of Zircon discovered in Australia in 2014 has been dated back almost 4.5 billion years making it genuinely as old as the planet itself. Named hyacinth or jacinth within the bible, quite a few Zircons become one of the 12 stones of Israel cited in the bible and a legendary tree ripe with Zircon gemstones are noted in conventional Hindu poem -White Zircon

White Zircon Stone’s image has suffered through the years first by means of its use in its clear form as a less expensive substitute for diamonds and then extra recently with the guy-made diamond replacement, cubic Zirconium. Zircon’s name comes from the Arabic ‘Zarqun’ that means red or the ‘similar sounding Persian word ‘Zargun’ which means golden and it is determined the world over with east Africa and south-east Asia producing a number of the best examples. It becomes renamed Zircon in 1783 by Abraham Werner.

This gemstone is formed primarily in pegmatite and in fissures. However, due to weathering of the gem-embedded rocks, maximum Zircons are observed in alluvial and beach deposits. Zircon is discovered worldwide in igneous rock formations and gem gravels -White Zircon

Thailand, Madagascar, Brazil, Cambodia, Canada and the United States the origin of the most important gem crystals and the best kind of colors, produce the most important part of the world’s Zircon gem material. The gem gravels of Thailand are the maximum essential commercial, accompanied through deposits from Myanmar and Sri Lanka. Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam also produce Zircon as a byproduct of corundum mining. Germany, Norway and Russia produce White Zircon Stone but in minor amounts.

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