Natural Alexandrite Faceted Gemstone at Wholesale Price

Alexandrite Gemstone have been found in Russia and in Brazil, though the Brazilian Stones do not display as rich a green color as the Russian Stones have been known for. They are also found in Sri Lanka, however there as well, the color Shades of the Stones are not as bright as the Russians. It has also been found in Zimbabwe, Burma, India, and Madagascar.  Natural Alexandrite Faceted Gemstone at Wholesale Price.

It is also known as “Friday’s Child.” It is an Extremely less in quantity Gemstone and a fairly modern in design. It does not reflect the ancient history and hike of most other Gems due to the fact that it was first found in the 19th Century. Alexandrite’s name comes from that the Gemstone was first found in the Emerald Mines near the Tokovaya River of Russia’s Ural Mountains in the 18th century, on the day of Prince Alexander II of Russia’s birthday. The history of the Stone’s that miners were working alone and collecting Emeralds from there. One miner gathered some Stones from mines and he took them because they looked like Emerald at the end of the day. In the light the Emerald Stones reflect an amazing Red Light, The miners were perplexed. In the morning when they came they saw the Emerald Stones were green again. Then they feel that they had discovered a new Gemstone.