Natural Fire Agate Stone For Sale at Wholesale Price

Fire Agate has the fierceness, intensity and passion of fire. This magnificent crystal resembling a stone made out of the fire is bold and brave. Not fearing any demons that dwell in this world, the evil we carry in our minds, it can battle them all. Natural Fire Agate Stone For Sale at Wholesale Price.

Bold on the outside, it is a soft stone from inside carrying immense love and passion. Spreading joy and happiness, this gemstone is a wonder in itself. It will wrap you up in a blanket of warmth and make you feel safe and secure lie you are in the arms of the sun. This is a crystal for Aries. When worn as a pendant or necklace around the heart, the attracting and strengthening powers of the stone for an Aries are strongest.

This Fire Agate Stone is restricted to few locations around the globe. It is not an abundant gemstone and therefore is considered rare. The United States and Mexico are the prominent deposition location of this gemstone and contribute nearly 97% of the total Fire Agate production in the world. In the United state, Arizona and California along with the surrounding areas of Colorado are the chief mining locations of Fire Agate.

Mexico’s Fire Agate Stone is considered of the highest quality. The state of Aguascalientes, Mexico has the famous mine of Calvillo producing the best quality Fire Agate. San Luis Potosi also has the deposition of this Agate. The gemstone mined from these areas possesses the golden-fire like appearance. The rainbow-colored sparkle is rare in these stones due to distinct composition.

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