Natural Pink Amethyst Stone For Sale at Wholesale Price

With an Appearance as delicate as that of a Swan, a Pink Amethyst Stone is Beautiful to behold. With an Extravagant Presence and kaleidoscopic appearance, this Gemstone is worth possessing.  Natural Pink Amethyst Stone For Sale at Wholesale Price.

The Pink Amethyst is the lighter-colored counterpart of the Purple Amethyst. It is the Delicateness of the Stone that Attracts people to it in the first place. It is only after a while that they feel Invigorated after having felt its Healing Superpowers.

Amethyst, in General, is the Birth Stone for those born in February.

Pink Amethyst is a Fairly new Semi Precious Stone as it was discovered in Patagonia, Argentina only a while ago. It has Hematite inclusions in it and thus, sports a specked and lilac/pink shade.

It is a variation of Quartz. An Amethyst is a Semi-Precious Stone that is renowned for its vivid, purple color. Another rendition of the classic Amethyst is the Green Amethyst (Prasiolite) which is Scientifically-Manipulated by turning its Crystals Green.

The Pink Amethyst is more Natural and has Pink/Lavender hues that result in it being favored more by people. This Gemstone is said to have a Royal and grand look too.