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Natural Moss Aquamarine Faceted Heart Beads Strand

Natural Moss Aquamarine Faceted Pear Beads Strand

Natural Moss Aquamarine Smooth Pear Beads Strand

Natural Moss Aquamarine Smooth Tumble Nugget Beads Strand

Moss Aquamarine Stone

There is a Sense of Mystery and Beauty surrounding the Moss Aquamarine Stone. As the ‘Aqua’ in ‘Aquamarine’ suggests, this Stone would be suspected to have Royal shade of Blue that is Delicate and easy on the eyes.

But when one focuses on the ‘Moss’ aspect of this Gemstone, everything becomes more intriguing. As we all know, Moss is a flowerless green plant growing in damp areas. Therefore, it would be right to speculate that Moss Aquamarine is a Precious Gemstone in which green and blue Intermingle, with green being a dominant color.

This Gemstone serves as the Birthstone for those born in March and it is also the Zodiac Stone for those born under the Scorpio Sun Sign.

This is a Unique Birthstone that uses Aquamarine Precious Gemstone as its base.

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