Natural Andalusite Garnet Stone For Sale at Wholesale Price

The 18th-Century Gemstone Andalusite Garnet Stone is an Inexperienced Gemstone that occurs in earthy or fall colors set as orange-yellow, brown, green and gold. This is the Beautiful Gemstone with a rare play of color, where the color switch as two or Three Times as it is turned. Natural Andalusite Garnet Stone For Sale at Wholesale Price.

It is a backbreaking job to find this Gemstone and Finding them Incorrect sizes is really herculean their Rustic Colors have also made them a seductive for men’s Jewelry pieces for their masculine appeal. The charm in Andalusite Garnet is all because of the flow of colors in it.

Right in front of you is the Statistics of Andalusite Al2SiO This Stone has a Mohs scale hardness of 6.5-7 and Crystal class Symbol dipyramidal (mm) H-M Symbol with a Specific gravity of 3.13-3. This Unusual Gemstone is found in Spain, Russia, Madagascar, Australia, Brazil, and Sri Lanka and in the Inyo Mountains of California.

The 18th-century Gemstone is known as the “Poor Man Alexandrite” because of its color flow at a Low price this Gemstone offers massive Power, wisdom helpful in promoting Career and Business Success. By having an Andalusite in your hand a person can change his negativity into positivity.

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