Natural Scapolite Beads Strand at Wholesale Price

At first glance, Scapolite will not look all that Impressive or Interesting. This is due to its Opaque Appearance. After several renditions, however, Gemstone dealers can make Scapolite Beads look Beautiful by making it more transparent and colorful. Natural Scapolite Beads Strand at Wholesale Price

The colors in which it may be available are orange, pink, brown, etc. Scapolite is also available as a colorless Gemstone. This Gemstone’s popularity has not Gained enough momentum because of its relatively low hardness. It could also be due to the fact that the Central colors of this mineral are only Yellow and Purple.

The Gemstone may exist in pastel colors as well but it is only Seldom that it is cut into the same colored Gemstones. Purple Scapolite is mined in regions of Africa such as Tanzania where its trade name happens to be ‘Petschite’. Various forms of this Gemstone such as Marialite, Meionite and Wernerite hail from India, China and Canada.

As far as etymology is concerned, Scapolite comes from the Greek word ‘Scapos’ which translates to ‘Shaft’ and ‘Lithos’ which means Stone in English.

With a hunch in mind, it can be stated that this is because of the stick-like Nature of the Gemstone’s Crystals. They are rod-like, almost.

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