Natural Burma Ruby Stone For Sale at Wholesale Price

The color as dark as the Blood of a mighty ruler, the powers as strong as the strength of a fierce soldier, Burma Ruby is the stone of the Kings. Ruby with its blood-red color builds a World of immense power and boldness. A World where fearlessness blows in the Wind and royalty flows in the blood. Ruby is the savant that stands out among its peer. Its aesthetic Beauty that cannot be matched and its mystical strength that out powers all the others, makes it the kings of all Gemstones. This Brilliant and splendid Gemstone is the Birthstone of people born in June and July. Burma Ruby is a Gemstone of great value. Natural Burma Ruby For Sale at Wholesale Price.

Burma Ruby is red colored Corundum. Corundum in its pure form is usually colorless and the colors are acquired due to the presence of trace elements. Ruby is one of the rarest and most valuable Gemstones of the corundum family.  Their colors range from pink-red Ruby to a vivid pigeon blood red. The red color is regarded as the finest form of corundum. Famous for its Beauty, durability, and rarity; it is the quality of the color which plays the determining role in the value of Rubies. The pigeon blood red color is that kind of a red traffic light, a fluorescent red of high intensity. Burma Ruby holds very high demands. It is mainly produced in Myanmar and hence its name. Other producers of this Gemstone are China, Africa, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and India. Burma Rubies are sold at Myanmar’s Gem auctions. The most famous source which produces the finest quality Burmese Ruby is Mogok Stone tract situated in Burma. The price of Burma Ruby depends on the size of the Crystal.