Natural Lemon Chrysoprase Stone For Sale at Wholesale Price

Lemon Chrysoprase Stone is also known as Citron Chrysoprase and is regularly Tumble Polished, but resembles Unglazed porcelain. Lemon Chrysoprase is the name of a translucent Chalcedony that ranges in color among yellowish-inexperienced and green. Its inexperienced color is normally resulting from lines of nickel, beautiful inexperienced chrysoprase is the second maximum valuable type of Chalcedony after Gem silica. Natural Lemon Chrysoprase Stone For Sale at Wholesale Price.

The name “Lemon chrysoprase” is from the Greek words for “Golden Apple” or “Golden Leek.” Nowadays it’s far most customarily used for making Beads and Cabochons. exquisite pieces of Chrysoprase are every now and then cut into translucent faceted Stones. Chrysoprase is a Gemstone that became regarded as the historic Greeks and Romans. Some pieces have been determined among-st their artifacts, however, its use in that time was no longer not unusual.

Lemon Chrysoprase first became a popular Gem in Europe after Deposits in Poland had been found within the 1700s. Nowadays, maximum Chrysoprase is produced in Australia, but it isn’t always broadly used due to the fact materials are limited. This Stone is every now and then virtually known as Prase. The color varies from a yellow-green to vivid apple inexperienced to dark veined inexperienced. This Stone is often mistaken for jadeite.

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