Natural Green Apatite Stone For Sale at Wholesale Price

Green is the color of Nature and we associate Nature with positivity. Just how surrounding yourself with nature can bring you in the midst of positivity and good feelings, surrounding yourself with this color Apatite Gemstone can do the same. This Brilliant Gem brings you to a world that uplifts you in all the senses, feeding your soul with energies of a higher spiritual being clearing away all confusions and self-doubt. Green Apatite is blessed with immaculate artistry and charm that will capture everyone’s eye and make them their heart’s deepest desire. This mineral Gemstone has great magical powers and high-quality crystal making it one of the most desired, demanded and bought Gemstone. Natural Green Apatite Stone For Sale at Wholesale Price.

Apatite is found in various countries around the world. India, Kenya, Brazil, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Mexico and Canada are its chief producer. Madagascar is famous for producing the highly desire neon-green colored Apatite. The purple variety of Apatite is of rare occurrence and is found in Maine. Apatite is a Greek term meaning ‘cheat’. It was given this name due to its close resemblance to several other highly valuable Gemstones. Apatite is found in various shades from pink to green. Its green colored stone is the most desired and top-selling one. Connoisseurs often seek out rare colors such as Paraiba-like blue-green Apatite or leek-green Apatite, which is known as ‘asparagus stone’. Top grade blue-green specimens of apatite are the most demanded can rival that of famed Paraiba Tourmaline. Deep purple, violet and reddish specimens are also in demand. An additional blue variety is known as ‘moroxite’, but it is typically heat-treated to enhance color. Other Apatite Gemstone colors include colorless, pink, purple and golden yellow. Untreated Blue Brazilian stones rank second in demand. Light-green Apatite is popularly known as the ‘asparagus stone’. As for other Gems, color saturation is the primary definer of the value. Apatite’s value depends mostly on its color. Those with high color intensity are considered the most valuable. Gem-quality Apatites are rarely found in large sizes.