Natural Paraiba Tourmaline Stone For Sale at Wholesale Price

Paraiba Tourmaline stone is one of the most charming mica minerals for experts of fine pearls. No matter what the taste, soul or whim of an adornment lover is, the tourmaline family crystals can fulfill all your needs via reminiscent hues and tones. Natural Paraiba Tourmaline Stone For Sale at Wholesale Price.

For crystal lovers, tourmaline offers a shading palette that various mica minerals can reproduce. Since the artifact, individuals from the tourmaline family have been loved and valued as pearls.

Paraiba Tourmaline stone was not found until very recently, & was discovered in the year 1980. The world has one guy and his solid faith to thank for the revelation of this one of a kind stone i.e. Heitor Dimas Barbosa. Energetically, he and his subordinates invested many years digging in the pegmatite displays of some humble slopes in the Federal Brazilian State of Paraiba region.

Heitor Dimas Barbosa was someone beyond somebody searching for crystals. Moreover, he wasn’t even searching for anything the presence of which had also been demonstrated. Heitor Dimas Barbosa was completely persuaded that somewhere underneath the modest hills of ‘Paraiba’ region, he was going to discover something ‘absolutely unique’. Furthermore, right he was. In the year 1981, he started with the initial arrangements for digging at an old, incapacitated opencast mine.


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