Natural Gray Diamond Stone For Sale at Wholesale Price

Gray Diamond is the rarest Diamond in the world but it is supposedly very auspicious to the wearers of this. It is a very powerful and useful Diamond but it is found in certain spots and due to this rare availability it becomes valuable among all colored Diamonds or colorless Diamonds. The Gray color is much rarer as compared to yellow and blue Diamonds. Gray hue is a very desirable color in nature that is quite complicated to find. Natural Gray Diamond Stone For Sale at Wholesale Price.

Mostly the Gray color rings are quite formed in the world. Certain most of this color Diamonds are found in Gray-blue hues that are so exclusive and supposed to be very powerful and unique. They very rarely exist in nature. The two most famed Gray-blue Diamond Stones in the world are the Hope Diamond and the Wittelsbach Diamond. These reflect a great Gray-blue luster and glory.

They are usually found in the countries India, Russia, Brazil, Australia and South Africa as well. Mainly these are derived from the Argyle mine. Argyle mine is famous for its many hues Diamonds production and it is the most Genesis spot in the world which generates the high numbers of colored Diamonds. Argyle mine produces huge this color Diamonds and it is the main source of it and Argyle also has the main source of pink Diamonds generation so we can call that Gray Diamond Stones are found where pink Diamonds are derived.

Argyle mine produces a huge amount of colored Diamonds but it allows merely about 2% productivity of them that’s why it reveals its rarity among all Diamonds. The natural this color Diamonds obtain their rare hue during its formation under the land. These Diamonds are found in numerous varieties and hues that are supposed to be very specific. Occasionally the Gray Diamond Stones are also called the steel, slate, charcoal Gray, pigeon and silver.

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