Natural Green Diamond Stone For Sale at Wholesale Price

Green Diamonds are highly desirable and recognized Diamonds. These are very famed for their unique color that is Green. These Diamonds have all the features of a great Diamond. These Diamonds are very natural Diamonds. Its Green color is outputted naturally. This Diamond is much sanctified and its color is very original. They are very rare and valuable color Diamonds. Natural Green Diamond Stone For Sale at Wholesale Price.

GIA has categorized its color as a Fancy Vivid Green with natural production. The Natural Green Diamond Stones are found very rarely and exclusively in nature. These have huge production in India. You can find the Natural Color Diamonds in the museum and exhibitions and jewelry stores as well. The transformation of Green Color’s hue and tone and saturation can bring up high rates of production. The most precious Green ones have a pure Green hue that is called Fancy intense and fancy vivid Diamonds.

Green Diamond Stones are supposed to be derived from the alluvial sediments in every country that produces Diamonds. The larger genesis source or origin space of this Green color is Brazil, Africa, India, Guyana, Venezuela, Zimbabwe countries. These Diamonds are highly derived from India and the most recognized Diamonds are Dresden Green that are derived from the Golconda mines in India. Certain more famed Green Diamonds are like Green-Blue Diamond that is mined in the Central African Republic and Grouse Green is mined in South Africa and the famous Aurora Green that is mined from Brazil. These are highly valued.

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