Natural Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Smooth Cabochon at Wholesale Price

Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Cabochon – It is one of the most Recognizable types of Turquoise in the World and has practically become Synonymous with the word Turquoise. The rich, Sky Blue Color and the lack of heavy matrix has made it famous all over the world, rivaling even the robin’s egg clear Blue Persian Turquoise so coveted by collectors. It forms in Nuggets with a soft white matrix, occasionally with small amounts of Quartz or Pyrite. Over the years, as buyers started to prefer Stones with matrix, the matrix was often artificially darkened with the use of shoe polish or other methods to give it higher contrast. Natural Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Smooth Cabochon at Wholesale Price.

From its Humble beginnings, Sleeping Beauty Turquoise from Arizona has become One of the Most important Turquoise mines in the World. Sleeping Beauty Turquoise was first found by the Native Americans during the Anasazi times. At this time the Turquoise was mined with hand tools and little bits were collected at a time. Sleeping Beauty Turquoise also made its way to Pueblo Bonito during the Anasazi times along with Turquoise from other deposits in the Southwest. Pueblo Bonito served as a trade center for Anasazi Turquoise for North American Tribes, Central American Tribes, and South American tribes. Since this time, the Sleeping Beauty Mine was developed by Anglo peoples in search of Copper and other metal ore. The Turquoise was under contract by Monty Nichols. Nichols is said to have “Torn down a mountain” to find the Famous Sleeping Beauty Turquoise, which is a figure of speech, not an actuality to show how much work the miner has done to get the Stone that has become an icon in the Gem Industry.