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It’s so Rightly said that Darkness cannot kill itself but Light can and fire cannot Extinguish itself but water can. How Magical is that in a Dark Night, Moon and stars Light up the sky. When mining comes into play, the Stones, Jewels, and Gems start to shine in the dark when a narrow beam of light falls on it as if they are paying gratitude to miners for their hard work. GREEN- the color of crops, farms, land, trees and a sign of rebirth and rejoice. Green- when eyesight is affected, its what we are suggested to eat, green vegetables, just to cure us. No matter how far or from what height do you see, the Earth seems green. Green is not just a color, its an essence of Life. When an Emerald, not just Zambian but full of the Goodness of color of green with its diversified Qualities enters your home, Home becomes Heaven.


Let’s have a Look at My Origin – Zambian Emerald!

zambian emeraldThe Word ‘Emerald’ originally came from the ancient Greek word ‘Smaragdos’ that means green Gem and this legacy went to Latin and made ‘Smaragdus’ and finally ‘esmraldus’, slowly esmraldus became ‘Emerald’ by middle English.

The reason why Emeralds were called Smaragdus was that they were found on Mount Smaragdus in Egypt around 1500 BCE while in India and Australia in the 14th century.

Emeralds are found all over the World such as in Afghanistan, India, Pakistan, Germany, Australia, Brazil, Zambia, Zimbabwe, US, Somalia, Russia, Ethiopia, Egypt etc.

The reason it’s called Zambian Emerald is that Zambia is the world’s second-largest producer of these Emeralds. Despite this, Zambia provides us with the Superior Quality of Emeralds Worldwide and it has this greenish hue color with a shade of blue glorifying its Beauty.

The Specialty about Zambian Emerald that uniquely classifies it is the way its quality of cutting, color, style, and type of fracture filling.

Emerald is the traditional Birthstone for May, time of Celebration as when Wheat and Rabi’s crops are harvested. Not just this, it also signifies the astrological sign of cancer and we must not forget that Cancerians are known for their loyalty traits and emotional depth.

Because Emerald is Unique and has its textural variety like nobody else, every King and Queen of their times such as Alexandra The Great, Cleopatra, Queen Elizabeth ||, Kings of Egypt made Jewelry or swords for themselves of this Emerald.


Know me Better- Qualities and Uses!

Colombia is the world’s largest producer of Emeralds like with an approximation of 50-90% of its production.

The hardness of Emerald on the Mohs scale is determined to be 7.5 to 8 that’s a very good sign in stones language and hard to crack. Its color ranges between all shades of green and turning to colorless.

Emeralds are vividly seen in rectangular cut forms fixed inside the metal ring and wore in hands.

It is majorly a part of Jewelry seen in necklaces, earrings, finger rings, and whatnot. People are so fond of it.

Price of Zambian Emerald nowadays is $500 per carat.

In Madurai which is in India, there’s a temple Meenakshi Amman Temple that praises Goddess ‘Meenakshi’ and its idol is made up of Emerald.

A very fact that is known about Emerald is that it is also called “Stone of the Earth”. Originated from the Earth just like green crops do and most importantly a representor of fertility.

Emeralds are not as hard as Diamonds but are next to it. Therefore, it should never be cleaned with a chemical but simply done because a stone of Earth stays down to earth and is simply Beautiful when kept sober.

Emerald is not just a stone that placed anywhere will not do anything like a platypus, it has Qualities that attract grease or soap, so don’t keep your Precious Emerald anywhere.


I’m a Healer!

You know when pollution content rises so much in the atmosphere, it’s just these green trees that control the carbon dioxide content and exchange it with miraculous oxygen and yet establishes the human existence.

This green colored Emerald is the exact same. When a person’s ability of thinking comes to a full stop due to stress, pressure, anxiety etc., this Stone creates an atmosphere of rejoicing and rebirth like those green plants and fills you up with positivity. It’s not just speaking anything but scientifically proven that green color soothes your eyes and in fact, creates a positive environment. When the brain creates this ambiance, its thinking ability increases and productivity surpasses.

Greek ancients believed this green Emerald to be their goddess Venus, which is a symbol of Love and Beauty. When Emerald stays with you, it prevents you from diseases like anemia, influenza, headaches, high blood pressures etc.

The green color is used by Islam showing unity and Indian flags showing harmony, signifies progress. So is this Zambian Emerald that teaches Life.


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