Malachite – Every GEM has its Story!

Malachite - Every GEM has its Story!

“Welcome to the World of Malachite”

The lush green of trees is as alluring as the deep mysterious green of the oceans. The prosperity of a population is easily judged by the profuseness of the Emerald hues seen in every aspect of its everyday life. The depths of the world have hidden in them a magnanimous wealth of green. Not just on the leaves, but beneath the ground, within the earth, there lies a magnificent treasure. The subtle draw of Malachite is so pure, so honest that everyone feels inclined to touch and feel and observe the tranquil tones of the stones from close, without any exception.


Let me tell you My Origin –

Malachite - Every GEM has its Story!‘Malakos’ meaning ‘soft’ is the Green word from where malachite has been derived, but even though physically it isn’t the hardest of stones, its powers make it one of the strongest.

With an awe-inspiring history of over 3800 years, when Malachite was first mined in the Great Orme Mines of Britain, there is more to Malachite than meets the eye. It was also mined centuries ago in caves of Israel. Since time immemorial, Malachite has caught the attention of the human eye owing to its uniquely fresh, earthy and yet luxurious look.

Huge deposits of the brilliantly green rock are found in the Urals, Russia, followed by several other countries like the  Democratic Republic of the Congo; Gabon; Zambia;  Namibia; Mexico; New South Wales;  France;  Israel; and the Southwestern United States, most notably in Arizona.

It has always and very widely been used as a pigment in green paints since an exceptionally long time, almost until the nineteenth century.

From ancient times, it has been worn as a tiny locket on every child, believed to ward off evil spirits and keep the adorned healthy. The Egyptians wore Malachite as a talisman owing to their protective abilities.

It is opaque – translucent and invariably of the many hues on a greenish color spectrum.

It also happens to be one of the first ores of copper to be mined. It is a secondary mineral of copper that is it is usually formed by lime reacting with copper oxides.  It does not yield a huge quantity of copper, though. Thus, even though once it was extensively mined for copper, now better yielding ores are used and malachite is preserved for its use as a powerful and beautiful stone.

The vibrant green, polished luster and the very many patterns make it a beautiful Gemstone, worth collecting and definitely inviting fascination. It looks elegant and gorgeous at the same time.


My Use and Purity –

Malachite - Every GEM has its Story! BulkGemstones.comMalachite is a delicate stone with a Moh’s hardness scale rating of 3.5-4.

It has an impeccable cleavage in one go though. It ranges from being transparent to opaque, dark green to light green in color, has a  silky or vitreous luster, with light green streaking.

Synthetic Malachite is also available, but it can be differentiated from the natural form, by the absence of the characteristic natural banding or geometry.

It has a monoclinic Crystal system.

Malachite has been used as a decorative component in several museums and cathedral, like the one in many enthusiasts like to collect peculiarly shaped and banded specimens of Malachite. Tiny trinket boxes made of Malachite are also seemingly popular. It is used as a part of jewelry by a lot of cultures.

Malachite is known as the mirror of the soul.


My Powers –

Malachite - Every GEM has its Story! BulkGemstones.comThis wonderful and extremely powerful stone is known as the Transformation stone.

It possesses the power to alter the owner’s life from what it is to what it should be.

It has always been used as a talisman against evil and negative energy. It is protective and always provides constant support to deal with situations.

It helps to keep the wearer emotionally stable. It removes anything that feels toxic to the soul of the owner.

It sharpens every sense of an individual and improves the intuitive powers, aiding a mental and spiritual growth which is unparalleled.

As a part of a meditative regime, it has been known to fill one with such deep insights and psychic abilities as never before and thus helping the owner to find clarity and seek understanding.

Malachite improves the confidence and attitude of a man to a great extent, making it easier to find a way through remarkably new and surprising situations which may spring out of nowhere.

It increases the ability of the owner to analyze and make a decision, even while under severe stress and pressure from all, arenas of life.

It balances the mental energy and gives a calm and soothing feeling to the wearer. It helps to maintain a healthy equilibrium between contradictory forces.

Malachite - Every GEM has its Story! BulkGemstones.comIt elevates the mind to the right energy state, helping to increase productivity and satisfaction.

It ensures the owner gets a brighter outlook towards life and welcomes happiness and enjoyment into life. It is said to be able to ward off negative vibes and prevent untoward incidents.

It evokes love and passion for the wearer’s partner and thereby enhances the quality of romantic life. It also gives monetary prudence to the mind and helps to get finances in control.

Why me

It’s a ‘jack of all trades and master of many’ stone that manages to provide you with a holistic improvement in your quality of life, relationships, health, and money. There should be no second thought in your mind for purchasing this stone.

It is called the mirror of the soul and rightfully so. It shows you what your souls can be with its power.


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