Smoky Quartz – Every GEM has its Story!

Smoky Quartz - Every GEM has its Story!

“Welcome to the World of Smoky Quartz”

Lift your base towards the light and positivity of life though your issues can be Smoky much but all it takes Quartz to let those Smoky issues turn into clarity of let go.

Are you not just sitting in the darkroom, fluffing and pouting because we Smoky Quartz won’t let you do that as nature has a state of joy which you can let go in a cloud of smoke. Elevate yourself with us because mood does wants a pleasant swing instead of being rusted and dusted.

May might not be sustaining much, a coherent act to follow but then June talked and came to invent the lost grounding, and stabilizing, brought a Smoky feeling to let-go your trivial in the winds and floral dial back in life.


Smoky Quartz – Know My Story!

Smoky Quartz - Every GEM has its Story! BulkGemstones.comA grey crystalline quality of Quartz from almost translucent to opaque brownish-grey or black crystal is what makes Smoky Quartz. This Quartz is silicon dioxide, and the color cast is free silicon from the silicon dioxide by natural irradiation. Igneous and other high assorted metamorphic rocks, like granite, and orthogneiss makes the formation of this Quartz as due to the radioactive traces that cause the coloration in it. Sedimentary rocks Smoky Quartz are unusual as their content of radioactive is comparatively low.

Its dark variety is called Morion a German, Danish, Spanish and Polish analogue for Smoky Quartz. Cairngorm mountains of Scotland hold the Cairngorm variety of Smoky Quartz usually a Smoky yellow-brown color, but some are of grayish-brown.

Historically it didn’t have significant importance but now have become a massive deal in the jewelry sector. Switzerland, Australia, Madagascar, Brazil, Africa, and the USA are the countries where Smoky Quartz crystals put up.

It honors its reference to the mother earth as a stone as dark as night and as free as hour waters, or as flame and prosperous as a Marc by the furnace associates its sorcery on the root Chakra.

After Clear and Rose Quartz, it is the third most prominent mineral that sustains this name. A Gemstone used widely as it serves easy in cutting and shaping equally for the jewelry and other accessories.


Smoky Quartz’s Uses and Quality-

Smoky Quartz - Every GEM has its Story! BulkGemstones.comA form of a crystal from which sunglasses were made in china in the 12th century. It is cut or faceted to get Beads and Cabochons. So are you very much enamored of Quartz in brown or yellowish-brown color then your rings, Necklace, Brooches, and Earrings might have Smoky Quartz look and feel.

This national Gem of Scotland was used to make snuff bottles in china as well as engraved and cut as cylinder seals by the Sumerians and later, as ring seals. It does feel wondrous to endure a tag of first in something so as Smoky Quartz became the first stone to be written on.

Thinking about the price of the slab then, to install a Quartz slab lies around $125 per square feet swinging upon its number and any glazes you seek for.

Though this Quartz naturally is alone to clean and ground but is also mingled with other shifts as – Morion, Smoky Citrine Quartz, Smoky Amethyst Quartz, Brand berg Smoky Quartz, Cairngorm. You really don’t imagine yourself to be left on the back foot… as the stone will cut your illusions just like you slice a cake and makes you remain in the center like a cherry on top in your new ideas by making your way clear and forward.

At times your psychic insights and institutions are thwarts results to some fuzziness which the stone embodies while make you see the shrewdness in life. Many take a step back from the real issues where the root matter is, but then it ensures the clarity and acumen for it.

I Heal You! Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz - Every GEM has its Story! BulkGemstones.comSetbacks are dark and emotional, loaded with unusual and negative thoughts & energies but it will tune you with the light where you were thinking to detune your life as well as will dissolve all the negative energies and thoughts with positive melody.

A Gemstone which lifts you up from all the fears, depression, anxiety, social stress and emotional hindrances. The root and base Chakra are Healed by the Crystal Healing of Smoky Quartz as well as it counters the energies of radioactivity, sunburn, and is used to relieve muscle cramps, headache, and tension in the shoulder and back as well.

When placed under the pillow, it offers psychic smoothness in sleeping and dreams. As the stone is connected to the mother earth, it pops your desires and brings them out in the physical world with an ability to change the reality and situation as its metaphysical properties will lead you to “ask yourself carefully that what you wish for?”

A stone full of aura tends to regulate your tired and uneasy atmosphere in good condition as your work leads to a hefty mental exposure all-rounder mood elevator. Smoke away your suicidal tenors as it will elevate your mental calmness and meditation.

One disagreement can make you cost much in your personal relationships and situations where there are low harmony and unsettled bonds, Smoky Quartz Heals and makes a way to get the things down to its calmness and settlement to ground the quarrel and your path towards spiritual joy.


Quick Tip – The stone can be scratched easily and split, so do not wear if engaged in any work that can harm the stone. Color will fade if soaked or left in the sunlight as well as if revealed to heat. Use a fluffy brush and clear water to clean the stone followed by a smooth gleaming cloth to dry it.



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