Rose Quartz – Every GEM has its Story!

Rose Quartz - Every GEM has its Story!

“Welcome to the World of Rose Quartz”

Rose Quartz – Love an Eternal way to gush down to the cheeks of Peace and Calmness, people go mad like snow in the first month as spiritual fire is snowed but with a Rose in life as the purifying fire shuts and calm the shell of life though snow can be the diamond for life feet although, Rose is a merry which makes it sweet like a cherry as you have promised to water those flowers.

When you rise, you think to shine, a fantastic privilege being alive. Now, think of having a flower every day with whom you could walk and your spiritual anxieties are not encumbered, might make a garden later although with spikes but that’s only the specialty of a rose. Colorless flowers are considered to be dead, their Quartz gets stopped, but it’s you who create your own universe colorless or not but should have enough of unconditional love to make your Quartz roll and Rose.

Not many colors are needed to boost up your love psychic as you might not favor being a spectrum, a table of every emotion, but a light pinkish hue will turn the table to your side and will open up your heart, and that’s the Quartz, Rose Quartz.


A Gorgeous Stone with a Mystic Origin –

Rose Quartz - Every GEM has its Story! BulkGemstones.comFar in the world, a country where 60% of amazon forest is found maintains the chief source of this Quartz though it can also be found in India, Madagascar, South Africa, Mozambique, and United States. A heart stone which was used as a love token in 600 B.C. and still an essential amulet of relationships.

Inspiring the love of beauty in oneself or the other was prized in the ancient world for its powers of physical beautification, in Egyptian tombs, its Rose facial masks were also discovered. This Quartz became one of the major carving stones of china but also was awarded by Tibetans and Oriental cultures. Crystals of this Pink Quartz are coarsely crystalline, i.e., they are quite large. Interference from other growing crystals make it impossible to have any external faces.

This gemstone is colored naturally. Hence, there is no treatment. Rose Quartz was referred to as antique as Bohemian or Silesian Ruby, called as Pink Quartz or Hyaline Quartz, a word came from a Greek word “hylaos” which indicates glass. Crystalline Rose Quartz, a tag it carried as it is formed in clusters of small prismatic crystals.

Dating the stone back to 7000 B.C was found in the area once known as Mesopotamia, and it is believed that Romans & Assyrians in 800-600 B.C. were the first ones to use the stone.


Coz’ Every Stone has got Some Value and Quality Use – Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz - Every GEM has its Story! BulkGemstones.comCalled as a love stone, this quartz emits strong vibrations in defining unconditional love, warmth, joy and emotional Healing. Widely used in homes to enhance the positive and love vibrations to maintain healthy relationships.

Strawberry Rose Quartz and other Pink Quartz of deeper colors share an equal share in its variety. Though it is one of the most common minerals found on earth; however, one of the Rarest Quartz in its category is Natural Rose Color Quartz of colored variety of Crystalline Quartz. Not much of expensive stone although medium tone Rose Quartz might slide to a higher price but usually it is of light pink color.

A Gemstone with 7MOHS is not easily breakable, but the color might fade with the utilization and also might break if you strain it continuously. Rose Quartz range from a light vivid pink to a translucent pink usually cut into beads, faceted stones, cabochons to flaunt vibrant pink color.

With lovely pink color and nearly a few pounds in size, pieces of Rose Quartz are available and modest. The Gemstone is crafted beautifully and is most commonly seen in commercial jewelry design.

The love stone is powerful and useful when it comes to its use during pregnancy, and also it promotes bonding. Now you don’t have to be afraid of those dark night terrors which give you goosebumps in the night because using Rose Quarts during the night while sleeping is helpful to encourage positive and sound dreams of colorful insights.


Love is Lively, and Rose Quartz is a Healer –

Rose Quartz - Every GEM has its Story! BulkGemstones.comStress and tension make your psychic tight and high, your insights of fear, anger, depression, jealousy will go high but my friend! Rose Quartz (The stone of Love) Heals you with balanced energy as well as lowers your tension and stress as well as makes you go easy to bond a relationship. The stone not only treats your jealousy, anxiety but also heart issues & negative emotions which are prevailing as a disease.

Harmony in a relationship is a way towards trust and unconditional love and Rose Quartz ensures that with its Healing properties(if used) encourages unconditional love and trust. The stone helps you to open up your heart towards friendship, love, profound emotional feelings, and peace. Quite a Gem a Gemstone could be.

You really don’t feel like to carry a feeling of hate, anger, anxiety as it could be a tram situation but with the Healing of Rose Quartz, the actual teaching of love, calmness, emotional feelings are resurrected.

Vibrations of this Gemstone are filled and quilted with love as it brings the sense of serenity in your space and soothes your impassioned spring.

The stone is considered to set neuron connectivity and expedition in Healing as it is a powerful remedial Gem. Ever got dicey in defining or understanding your needs, well, with this, the Chakras are balanced and so the energies as well as poised the understand-ability and transparency in needs.

It’s magic, It’s magic, Rose Quartz got the vibe you need! It opens the trust-ability and makes you move forward also wipes out the negative vibes with positive vibes like flowing clean water like a soft feminine tenderness back into balance.


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