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When life gives you lemons, make it lemonade, drink it and stay energized, hydrated and healthy. Everything that nature has bestowed us with is so uniquely undefined and has wellness and goodness rich qualities. Everything is different than the other, while for humans it may vary from price to price but whatever that is glorified with its texture, quality, and unique abilities. The sun, the moon, planets, galaxies are all a part of the solar system and our multi-verse however when we talk of earth with rest of other planets, that what makes it different because only place where survival is possible but that doesn’t devalue the other planets, Saturn has rings around it which makes it extraordinary, Neptune rains pink diamonds and so does other planets have their uniqueness. Talking of metals, there is also a unique community, resembles gold but harder and shinier – Pyrite


Know My Story –

pyritePyro means heat and pyrite comes from the Greek word “Pyr” which means fire. When it was introduced it was struck with steel and it caused a spark. Hence then that spark was used for igniting a fire for gun to shoot. Since then it was named Pyrite; stone that ignites a fire.

It is an iron sulfide and found residing with other sulfides at the time of mining.

It is found under the sedimentary and metamorphic rocks where gold is also found. Though people often call it a Fool’s gold but sometimes it constitutes of gold too.

So better not call any metal especially nature’s gift to be disgracious.

It seems to be pale- darkish yellow with hardness from 6-6.5 at Mohs scale.

Usually, Pyrites from a crystal cuboidal shape and resembles the artificial geometrical models found in Europe as early as the 5th century BC.

When Pyrite is found, it is in dust form and if it is exposed to air, it decomposes into sulfates or iron oxide. Then to preserve it so that it stays, there’s this bacteria acidithobacillusin in which it is preserved and this oxidizes the Pyrite to make ferrous oxide and sulfate.

It’s never an easy process to extract nature’s heaven and smack it on to the world. Things go under extensive workload, pressure, reactions, combination and then prepared. And that’s when it shines so bright.

Talking of prices, if pyrite contains 0.25% gold then one ton of pyrite will worth over $109,000.

So, it costs a higher stake which makes it nonetheless than gold itself.


Uses and Qualities –

Because of its property that it can cause fire and hence fire creates heat energy due to which renewable source of energy can be created, Pyrite has been proposed as anon-toxic and inexpensive material, the reason why it is used in low-cost photo voltaic solar panels.

Why is it that if it’s a mineral it could only be used for chemical purposes and in chemistry lab for experiments? No!

Pyrite is also used as the best metal if it is mixed with silver commonly known as “Marcasite Jewelry” and hence used to make jewelry.

In the late 70s, women especially used to ask the jeweler if he could add Pyrite in their jewelry for its shiny, hard properties and as a sign of healing beliefs. Though it is rare because it does not suit everyone.


I’m a Healer – Pyrite!

Pyrite is strongly believed that it enhances strength and mind power. It would do when found in the lap of Mother Nature’s Earth constituting of goodness of various resources.

Now not just that but it also saves from pollutants which is widely present over here because it contains oxides, iron properties, gold luster that protects the wearer. Hence keeping them strong enough to bear the hazardous pollutes and yet staying healthy.

It is believed that the one, who wears it on skin, feels much positivity and gratitude towards life. Remember “gratitude can reshape common days into thanksgivings, turn routine jobs into happiness, and change normal opportunities into blessings.”

It gives you self-confidence when you wear this warrior stone.

When you sit with this Pyrite stone, it will start purifying your surroundings and when this happens, you automatically feel so light and free of stress. It adds to your life.

These stones carry away self-limiting believes and negative thoughts about yourself with every exhale and inhale. Slowly you get to believe yourself that you can achieve it no matter what.

For us, it may be just a stone, but these are just stones that contain the blessings of mother earth that protects you like no one else. Stones may not move, talk, cry or hear as per humans but these do balance our planet.

We rise from the earth, we live on earth, we die on earth and hence, in the end, we go into the earth.


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