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When you could feel the heaviness in your heart, when the dark clouds make you lose the vision of your path, when it all seems green amethystblurry and you find yourself tangled in gloom, when you are searching for that one savior to lead you to the path of enlightenment, Green Amethyst Stone will be your rescuer. This divine Gemstone will remove the heaviness from your heart and entangled you from your gloominess, holding your hands it will lead you to a path of higher spiritual being that others can only dream of. Its colors are as beautiful as that of a newborn leaf, every time you look at it you feel the freshness within you. Every time you touch it you can feel your heart slowly dancing to the rhythm of joy and contentment. Green Amethyst is not just a Gemstone; it is your key to the life that everyone desires, a key to all your happiness.


Know My Story!

Green Amethyst - Every GEM has its Story!Green Amethyst is a light green colored- transparent Semi-Precious Gemstone. Prasiolite is Green Quartz, a silicate mineral which is chemically silicon dioxide. Prasiolite, which is popularly known as Green Amethyst stone does not occur naturally. It is produced by heating Amethyst which is Yellowish Quartz. This Yellow Quartz is mainly found in Brazil and the USA. Amethyst is heated at about 500-degree centigrade to produce Green Amethyst Stone having a pale Green Color which when exposed in direct strong sunlight loses its color. Some varieties of Green Quartz do occur naturally. These are members of the Chalcedony Quartz family. They comprise of Chrysoprase and aventurine. Aventurine is mainly dark-green with a glittery metallic appearance caused by included green mica. Chrysoprase is colored due to the presence of trace amounts of nickel. Its color varies from apple-green to deep green. These are purely and completely Natural Gemstones.


Talk about my Use and Purity –

Green Amethyst stone is a member of the Quartz Crystal family. Prasiolite is technically the correct name for Green Amethyst green amethyststone. Prasiolite is a combination of two Greek words, ‘person’ which means ‘leek’, the color this stone is considered to resemble and ‘litho’ which means stone. This Amethyst stone rarely occurs naturally, they are produced by heating Amethyst which is more commonly a yellowish to purplish stone. Natural prasiolite is usually very pale green whereas dark green prasiolite is a cause of natural or artificial treatment. It is a crystalline stone having hexagonal prisms and no cleavage. This Amethyst stone is very hard in nature ranging 7 on Mohs scale with a brittle tenacity. Prasiolite or Green Amethyst stone has a refractive index of about 1.54 to 1.55 and a specific gravity of about 2.65. Green amethyst stone because of its beautiful appearance and the power it carries with it, is used in a variety of purposes. Mainly these are worn as jewelry in the form of necklaces, pendants, earring and rings. It is also used in making other decorative and ornamental pieces. It is also used in making religious ornamentals because of its ability to connect to the higher spiritual powers.


I do have Certain Powers –

green amethystGreen Amethyst stone is considered a spiritual stone. It is said that this greenish stone has energies that work with the third eye, crown and etheric Chakra which strengthen your relationship with the divine mind. Prasiolite brings all the positive and loving energies around you. Besides having spiritual powers it has healing powers too. It is popularly believed that this green stone was used in ancient times to recover from physical addictions as well as addictive and abusive relationships. Hence, it is often regarded as the ‘Stone of Sobriety’.  This Amethyst stone is a protective and purifying stone. It purifies people’s heart from false desires, fears and insecurities. A mentioned above it has spiritual powers and hence it is used by many to protect themselves from any unknown evil powers. Due to its powerful protective and purifying abilities, it is preferred by many meta physician who considered Amethyst as one of their best tools. The green color parisolite, when worn as a pendant, brings the upper higher spiritual powers to wearer’s heart which makes the heart devoid of any harm or feelings of fear and insecurities. With its spiritual and healing powers combined Amethyst stone it stimulates proper blood flow and hence leading to green amethystphysical and emotional well being. Green Amethyst stone or prasiolite transmutes lower frequencies into higher vibrations hence turning to the negative energies around you into positive and bringing the feeling of love and contentment. It is desired by a lot of businessman and people craving success. This powerful stone with all its positive energies induces creativity and inspiration, helps in clearing one’s mind of any other distraction and thus making you focused towards your goal. Green Amethyst stone is guaranteed to aid your success and lead you on a better path of life physically and spiritually both.


green amethystYes, you are the one

Green Amethyst stone is a Gemstone is a key that will lock the doors of despair. From bringing your heart closer to higher spiritual energies and surrounding you to the feeling of Love and positivity to making your mind focused on your goals, this gemstone does it all. With its radiant Beauty and immense powers, this Color Amethyst Stone will surely bring you peace and contentment.


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