Prehnite – Every GEM has its Story!

Prehnite - Every GEM has its Story!

 “Welcome to the World of Prehnite”

Nature is the best Healer. When you are feeling low or going through physical trauma surrounding yourself with the greenery of this beautiful life and uplift you can push you on the roads of recovery. The way trees and plants, magnificent flowers can fill you up with joy and peace that is hard to find in this rushing world. Prehnite is a gift given to this world by Mother Nature herself. It is the child of the grounds of our earth.

The world of Prehnite is as green as the tree leaves on a rainy day or a raw apple that has just been handpicked from an orchid. It is one of the most popular Gemstone with its immense beauty. it helps you to connect to beings on the higher spiritual planes.


Let me tell you my Origin –

Prehnite - Every GEM has its Story! BulkGemstones.comIt is the first Gemstone to be named after an individual. It is named after Colonel Hendrik von Prehn, a minister of Cape of Good Hope and its discoverer. It was first discovered in 1788 in Karoo dolerites of Cradock, South Africa.

It is formed due to low-grade metamorphism in cavities of mafic volcanic rock.

This beautiful greenish Crystal is mainly found in the USA, China, Australia, Scotland, and South Africa. Green is the most commonly found Prehnite but it also comes in shade of white, brown, gray and sometimes colorless.

Green Prehnite ranges in various shades of green, from yellowish-green to pale green and even dark greenish color. Apple green colored Prehnite is the most desired and top-selling stone while the other shades such as orange and gray have rare occurrences and are desired by antique collectors.


Talk about my Use and Purity –

Prehnite - Every GEM has its Story! BulkGemstones.comPrehnite is a transparent to translucent Gem of hydrated calcium aluminum silicate. Translucent Prehnite has a common occurrence while transparent are usually rare.

It is a hard Gemstone ranging from 6 to 6.5 on the Mohs scale with a refractive index of around 1.66. It has a vitreous to pearly luster which enhances its beauty. It has an orthographic Crystal structure having a cleavage and hence can be easily cleaved. When heated Prehnite gives off water and has a brittle tendency.

Prehnite is usually cut and polished, although highly transparent materials are often faceted. Prehnite is also tumbled or Beaded and it is popularly used as ornamental material and for decorative carvings. The most popular shapes of Prehnite are traditional oval, cushion, and round shapes. It is sometimes cut in various fancy shapes including hearts, trillions and pears. Cat’s eye Prehnite is had an extremely rare occurrence; these are cut to maximize Chatoyancy.

Since it is a very rare and lesser-known gemstone, it is one of the most desired Gems by collectors and is often regarded as ‘Collectors stone’.


I do have Certain Powers – 

Prehnite - Every GEM has its Story! BulkGemstones.comPrehnite is also called as the ‘Stone of magic’ and it stands true to its name. With its great magical powers, this beautiful Gem can do wonders.

Green Prehnite is regarded as both, a Heart Chakra and solar plexus or power Chakra stone. Power Chakra is the seat of the will, and this green stone ties your heart with your will, bringing you peace and joy, and hence helping to relieve worry. this is the stone of unconditional love and affection.

Green Prehnite is one of the best Healing crystals that help you to do the things that you want to achieve, from a heart-based perspective. It is a spiritual stone that aids in communication with spiritual beings through meditation. It is also regarded as a powerful dream stone. It is a tool often used in strengthening life force and energy.

With this in your life, you can achieve composure, forgiveness, and acceptance and hence, leading to inner peace.

Green Prehnite is a powerful Gem having many excellent qualities, and one of its unique qualities is its ability to assist you to be prepared.

Prehnite - Every GEM has its Story! BulkGemstones.comOne of its powerful properties is that it will aid you to always be prepared for whatever is going to happen.

Wearing it helps strengthen intuition. In Indian beliefs, this is popular for its use in stimulating the third eye Chakra. Prehnite is often used as a Healer for treating and alleviating symptoms of gout, anemia, kidney disorders, and thymus gland problems. It is also helpful in shoulder and chest pain.

Yes, you are the one –

Prehnite is a magical stone that will do wonders in your life. With its beauty, it will enhance your physical surrounding and with its Healing and spiritual powers, it will bring joy ad inner peace, enhancing the beauty that lies within you.

Just as nature pulls you closer to the wonders of life that lies outside and within you, it brings you closer to your soul, leading your mind and heart to a place of pure calmness.



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