Citrine – Every GEM has its Story!

Citrine - Every GEM has its Story!

“Welcome to the World of Citrine”

Citrine - Every GEM has its Story! BulkGemstones.comThe Chakras shed like the Citrine’s natural autumn hue! As the November came as cold as iced iron, with hard rimes every morning, bestowing with the Citrine for the good fortune.

The divine power of the sun is said to hold the energy to defeat any negative vitality so as the Citrine a glassy crystal variety of quartz will stimulate your ability to control and subdue the negative aspects in life.

Once in the cycle of calendar, It was an illusive dim day when November was facing an ample negative set back emotionally and mentally.

There was no one to take a stride forward in this month as the October annihilated itself in a rush of wailing winds and driving rain and… December was way too cold to come up …

Citrine - Every GEM has its Story! BulkGemstones.comNovember is supposed to have those last red berries and white snow, but its Chakras were not certain about those accumulated negative vibes.

But then,

The sun shined in favor of the Red Berries month as Romans with all their balanced vibes and with the discovery of a rare Gemstone as powerful as sun’s energy named “Citrine” which drove in the November as an outstanding Gemstone for transforming negative drive in positive.

And that’s how Citrine made it possible for the November to sustain and give it birth. #EveryGemHasItsStory

Well, Let’s…


Citrine - Every GEM has its StoryCitrine – Know My Story!

A stone often called as The Light Maker is derived from a French word for lemon “Citron” which carries the sense of optimistic joie de vivre(joy of living) and sense of sunny vibes.

The Gemstone is naturally found all over the world, including Brazil, Madagascar, Spain, Africa, Russia, the US, Scotland, and France.

You are a Citrine Gemstone when you are 300BC old as you have been one of the desirable stone among Greeks and Romans to be used in decorative jewelry.  A crystal so Citrine - Every GEM has its Story! BulkGemstones.comrare was carved into Cabochon rings and intaglio work in First Century AD.

Later, Queen Victoria made it lay by wearing it as jewelry. With this fascinating pace, Scottish men used it as a Gemstone to adorn their swords and stilettos. Its praising didn’t end here as in World War II, and III large crystals were set as prized pieces.

Heard about Greta Garbo and Joan Crawford? Yes, those famous Hollywood stars for whom influential Citrine jewelry was conceived.

Over the vast period of modernization and growing popularity of Citrine nowadays, it is not one of the most expensive and rare stone though the origin of this stone was profound to be one of the most desirable stones in the history and now it has little to do with rareness.

Citrine has its Value and Quality Genes –

Citrine - Every GEM has its Story! BulkGemstones.comThis luminous Gemstone is used for the remedy of bladder diseases and imbalances in the thyroid gland.

A highly-valued Citrine may cost you up-to $30 per carat which is of deep red-orange color, and the Gemstones of this color are more often called as fire Citrine which is observed in Brazil. Pale-Yellow Citrine is more often found in Bolivia may cost you up-to $10 per carat which are of lighter quality.

The Gemstone itself has a significant measure of value as it is the most fancied Semi-Precious Gemstone after topaz to be viewed because of its lively yellow color. Citrine does have a variety which is high priced and more famous as it is called as Madeira Citrine, which is of golden-yellow color.

Our Note to the Readers – Do not confuse Citrine with Orange-Yellow Topaz.

Citrine - Every GEM has its Story! BulkGemstones.comIn the setting of its value variable, Citrine is much less expensive than Semi-Precious Topaz and treated by heating Purple Amethyst.

A glassy variety of Quartz, Citrine light yellowish-green get the quality measure according to its carat value.

The Merchant’s Stone is what it is also called prevails the value to uptick the cash box as this sparkling Citrine Gemstone is not only used to acquire wealth but also used to maintain it.

Sleep with the stone as this translucent Gemstone under your pillow will alleviate nightmares and promote good sleep as well as you will be able to recall your dreams. Woah! Such a dream remembering Gem… what more one can ask from a stone if you can recall your dreams in the world where people forget recalling their own self.

Enchanting Healing Powers of Citrine –

Citrine - Every GEM has its Story! BulkGemstones.comA Gemstone often treated as a mental simulator as it incites spiritual power and focus. With the blessings of sun and its power instincts, this Gemstone strengthens the Solar Plexus and Navel Chakras, steering peculiar strength, creativity, and intelligent decisiveness to improve the physical body.

Don’t lose your self-esteem and confidence, love everyone, stay happy, joyful, delight, and loaded with enthusiasm because Citrine got your back in your Healing if you lose any of mentioned.

Carrying the Healing Power of Self-Healing, inspiration, powerful cleanser, self-improvement this merchant stone Citrine is believed to have a value in its Healing endowments. A crystal so positively charges that it does not accumulate any negative energy; in fact, it transforms it into positive and activates both mind & body.

Don’t let your Chakras go uncleaned because a Gemstone like it will help you to cleanse all your Chakras and will help you to draw professional prosperity and achievement.

It has been considered that Citrine Gemstone is also a “Success Stone” as it serves as a manifestation of wealth and good luck as well as advances your psychic germination with enhanced accuracy and determination.

If not blessed with the parenthood happiness then it will heal you to have your flourishing parenthood and as a guardian for the pregnant ladies.


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