Amethyst – Every GEM has its Story!

Amethyst - Every GEM has its Story!

“Welcome to the World of Amethyst”

Amethyst - Every GEM has its Story!“When you are a stone in the kingdom of the mineral and the Healer to the life crystal, You are Amethyst”

You call it a month filled with love, hope or a dark brupped month ever created but the Amethyst is the Healer to it and make it’s days a positive choice in life.

Amethyst is the love controller, money controller because it’s not you who have little, but it is you who craves for more, it might take you wherever you want, but won’t replace you as a driver. Sometimes the shortest routes and months feel long, but the Amethyst is the guide to your innocent journey like a violet.

A Gemstone that represents Saturn and also called a “Jamunia” which is also a symbol of “Justice” and “Humanity”, Yes, Amethyst is the name of this Semi-Precious Stone.


Amethyst – Know My Story!

Amethyst - Every GEM has its Story! BulkGemstones.comAmethyst enjoys the prized Gemstone since centuries as the origin of this beauty comes from the land famous for its ancient civilization, Egypt.

A Gemstone turned from “Gem of Fire”, a Precious historic stone to a Semi-Precious Gemstone, Amethyst has been highly admired for its astounding charm and mystical qualities.

The stone was worked mainly to make antique for intaglio carved Gems. The beliefs of Greeks regarding this stone were firm as they stated – it will remove intoxication. In ancient history, European soldiers used the stone as amulets for protection with the faith that it will make them cool-headed and Heal them.

A stone which has a strong cultural history where Tibetans believe that Amethyst must be sacred to the buddha and then prayers beads were made from it.

Amethyst - Every GEM has its Story! BulkGemstones.comIt a colossal remark for the stone to be so culturally extended as a symbol of royalty to grace British Crowns. Its royal purple color which is very fascinating and was used to symbolize Christ thus praised more like sapphire and ruby.

The ancient jewelry is more captivating,

Have you ever wished to get that in life?… We bet yes, as the messenger of love “Saint Valentine” used to wear a ring with the Amethyst etched with an image of cupid on it.

That’s how the origin of this violet beauty took place and now desired by every Gem collector in the market.


Woah! Violet Beauty got some Value, and Quality as well –

Amethyst - Every GEM has its Story! BulkGemstones.comAmethyst is a violet color Gemstone. The stone is irradiated, and the presence of other metals is also there, which makes the stone relevantly hard and suitable for making jewelry.

The color effects do not stop just in violet as it ranges from light Pinkish Violet to deep violet.

Before the significant deposit findings in Brazil were made, the value of this Gemstone was comparatively high and Precious. The catch is the value becomes high if the carat weight increases and that too based on its demand.

But you know the market competition is fierce. People tend to engage as many customers, they want, and thus this violet beauty turned from a shimmering white stone with a drop of wine spilled on it is manufactured synthetically as well.

The process of hydro-thermal growth, which makes the crystal grow inside at high-pressure is the synthetic process of its formation. You will see the chemical and physical properties of this crystal the same as the original one. No wonder! It is manufactured to imitate the best quality crystal, which is no longer a lingo in the Gemstone industry. All the purpose goes for its cost-prohibitive Amethyst - Every GEM has its Story! BulkGemstones.comquality characteristic.

The interesting fact is the treated Amethyst is made up of Gamma Rays, X-Rays or electron beam irradiation.

No!… It won’t make you hulk if you wear it. Hahahhaha…

The value of Deep Russian Amethyst, which is of the highest grade and rare is the highest but totally factor over its demand.

Shall we get to some facts about the quality as – its best variety and with that we mean the best quality is found in Siberia, Sri-Lanka, Brazil, and the Far East. To get along with this, the deep Siberian has primitive purple stone nearby 75-80% beside 15-20% blue and a hint of red secondary hues.

The quality color of natural Amethyst is dichroic in reddish violet and bluish violet. Taking over that fact, when heated turns into yellow-orange, yellow-brown, or dark-brownish and Amethyst can result in ametrine when partially oxidised.

The quality and the value of this Semi-Precious stone is praiseworthy as the collectors got more and the demand regulates it, but it’s you who makes the stone go naturally extended.


Well, Amethyst got some Healing Powers and Good use –

Amethyst - Every GEM has its Story! BulkGemstones.comStone when used as a self-treatment mineral then it does possess some varied and distinctive qualities which makes it a healer, a lot more than just a stone.

“Life is at peace when the mind is at its serenity”, and that’s what the violet Gemstone Amethyst gives you #serenity.

Sometimes when life makes you unbalance emotionally and mentally, you need to give it an Amethyst Gemstone to get back your energy balance, emotional stability issues and some desired physical alignments to set all your Chakras in scale. #chakrabalancing


A Quick Tip for Amethyst –

Amethyst - Every GEM has its StoryThe stone can be worn in the middle finger of the right hand. Now you got to make the array of rings or pendants in silver for that.

When you have a trust, you have the back, and the stone is supposed to protect its owner from drunkenness as believed by Greeks.

You got stress, anxiety, meditation sickness, fear, and grief… keep calm and say brahmasmi with Violet Amethyst in your life to give you and your mind a calmness.

When we talk about who can wear it, then the stone is divine and do good to everyone as we are in the contact of different energies daily. A sedative energy Gemstone which gives out peaceful power, warmth, and comfort.

You think of having senses extraordinary than usual sense where your extrasensory perception works more. You are thinking of Psychic power where you can perceive hidden information and Amethyst will make you enhance that.

Hence dress this unique and extraordinary quartz to get off from those evil vibes of Saturn and make your natural circulation cream like.


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