Most Valuable Gemstones in The World


The Earth is full of many Lovely surprises of Stones, Metals, Resources and isn’t that obvious that our cycle runs on that although some are cheap, some are mediocre, some are expensive but here is one specialty that some are Most Valuable Gemstones.

Talking about Value, then Gemstones are the most Gorgeous creation of Nature; meanwhile, they make you Look Beautiful other than your apparel. You did flaunt the rate, and the design of your necklace in the party didn’t you! This makes them one of the most talked-about and wanting by every soul living or dead in the World.

Many Countries enjoy the rule of having Gemstones on their lands and gets appreciation from all over the World.

Think about the Crown of the King or the Crown of a god in Hindu temple, which is One of the most differentials. Still, much value in their context similarly, take it Diamond, Ruby, Emerald, Sapphire or any other Gemstones in the World, each one of them has a differential identity and value which makes them Unique in their context. Actually, the Value of the Gemstone depends upon its size, grade, color, how much porous it is.

Technically, Gemstones are minerals which gives an approx figure of having more than 4000 mineral on the earth. Now can you imagine that how much value does our mother earth carries with but this is not the talking about the Environment but to give you an eye warming and pocket ting of the Most Valuable Gemstones in the World.

An Average human wearing a Gemstone made jewelry will definitely say – “I am in Love with this Gemstone, it gives an amazing feel and Look to my jewelry. I wonder how it enhances my Beauty more and makes everyone attracted to me” well, that’s just an imaginative part of the context. Still, one always gets this point of spark in the course, You cannot stop the Shine and Radiance of the Gemstone, but you can adore it, you cannot hold the admiration towards it, but you can own it but don’t Love just because you own it; adore because you have it.

Precious, Semi-Precious, or Rare Loose Gemstones make the irony of being a Stone and making people look their best when in jewelry not hitting them actually Healing them in their life’s dark bite.

Once there was a pebble walking down the street, and people were running away from it. Still, on the 4 way red light he stopped and was amazed to see a Red Shining Stone (Red Diamond) surrounded with people and getting Love from them actually, it was a Red Diamond the Rarest Diamond in the World. Visiting all this he just thought that a Stone is just a Stone if it is not polished and even it is Glossy but not highly valuable it won’t have stardom like the Red Diamond.



Here are Some Fantastic and Highly Valuable Gemstones in the World –


graff ruby

blue diamond

A Stone as intense as the deep ocean dives but as Gorgeous as the oceans Shine and charming as the color – BLUE DIAMOND ranks at US$ 50000 of 0.5 carats in total the estimation is of 3.93 million per carat.


Relate the name with your Love or just in a song but you can’t resist its texture and the Gorgeousness. The name sounds like a soul of the Gemstone and a human being, although this is not a riddle – RUBY for 1.18 million per carat enjoys the identity of the king of Gems. Ruby does have the other variants – Graff Ruby at $8570000 for 8.62 carats & Burmese Ruby at $6700000 for 32.08 carats.

rare alexandrite

kashmiri blue sapphireIt’s named after a Beautiful Place in the hills where the river flows with some fantastic waves and wind have a fresh, soothing mix like jazz music is playing. You won’t be able to resist the Beauty of the place and even of the Stone – SAPPHIRE (JEWEL OF KASHMIR) at 243,702 per carat.



A Stone which changes color but is named after a person tagged as a “the great” although the Stone holds a Beautiful aura and value – ALEXANDRITE at $70000 per carat found in Russia and mined in Sri Lanka, India and Tanzania.


Hutton Mdivani necklace

rare pink diamondIt is from the league but of a Different color wanted by many but only available when an auction takes place – PINK DIAMOND at 1.208 million per carat which made a buyer failed to pay for it and currently hold $72 million at $1.208 million per carat.


A necklace of this Gemstone Beads worn by Barbara Hutton with elite 27-grade Beads and later when it was auctioned it notched the rate of #27.44 million. It was called as the Hutton Midivani necklace – JADEITE for $20000 per carat.




rare taaffeiteThe Rarity of this Gemstone makes it unfamiliar as the context is rare than a Diamond. Majorly found in 2 locations – Sri Lanka and Tanzania – TAAFFEITE it does Sound like toffee but this toffee-like sound Gemstone ranks at $2500 per carat with 8-8.5 mohs of hardness.


Demon sound like Gemstone but the Qualities of Garnet makes it one of the Valuable and rare Gemstone. Still, a Diamond-like Luster – DEMANTOID a Green Gemstone at $3300 per carat and typically small in size holds the hardness of 6.5 on Mohs scale.


rare black opalOne of the Rarest Opals found among the Gemstones lot as BLACK OPAL ranks at $3500 per carat which makes us tell you that one of the most expensive Black Opals notched at $3 million for 306 carats.




A Gemstone of red even called as scarlet’s Emerald and Red Emerald as the Stone sounds like a berry which is not supposed to eat of course. Carrying raspberry pink to purplish-red color – RED BERYL also known as “bixbite” ranks at $10000 per carat making it an extremely Rare Gemstone with a hardness of 7.5 to 8 on Mohs scale. Utah’s Wah Wah mountains give Birth to such Quality of rareness which is more than Rubies.