Lemon Quartz

The rays of the sun, so pure and purifying; hence, depicting the same color with properties of detoxifying the body is Lemon. Ever wondered the one who detoxifies the body but also keeps negativity away is also a form of Quartz. You might encounter many Lemons daily, but with Lemon Quartz, it’s not just a fruit, an aura-tic yellow crystal coated with earth elements and…

we are not really talking about the actual lemon fruit as that’s another part of the context.

Deep down, we all want to elevate ourselves and persist with negative energies while working towards an accretion in love.

Hoist yourself up and juice all your unwanted physical, spiritual and mental anxieties just like you squeeze a Lemon in the water as the month of respite imparts the clarity, happiness, communication by balancing your energies, associated with the bracing yellow color, November is mended by this dazzling Quartz.

Popularly said, “when life gives you a Lemon, make it a Lemonade” also Quartz it with Lemon Color – a Healer to your conversation.


Origin, Well Defined – Lemon Quartz

lemon quartz Oro Verde Quartz aka Lemon Quartz, a Gemstone which is thoroughly irradiated to accomplish green-gold-lemon color splendidly. Being a fact, as amethyst enjoys the prized Gemstone since centuries as the origin comes from the land of Egypt and when Amethyst, Yellow Quartz and iron are being Heated, the results into this Quartz. Thus, it leads to its formation.

The mineral primarily comes from Brazil also deposits of Heatable Amethyst were found in Arizona as well. The color yellow of Lemon Color Quartz is a variant of the stone even light stone, Sunstone, coyote stone or apricosin stone are its synonyms.

Generally, Quartz is treated as Citrine although Lemon Quartz is not a Citrine because of its Lemon-Yellow color as Citrine tends to exhibits dense orange color. Adding a hulk point that Lemon Quartz sparks blazingly due to the artificial gamma rays irradiation accompanied by tropical heat treatment.

In the language of colors, yellow is treated as a color of happiness, calmness, and brings clarity, and hence Lemon Quartz being yellowish-Lemon in color is believed to bring out the inner peace, balance and positive energy.

The mineral is rare, and in Germany, its natural form in Taunus & Hunsruck can be found as well as instead of Brazil and Arizona it is also found in Burma, Russia, USA, Madagascar, Spain and France.

A geological fact, the color yellow comes from the insertion of iron in it.


Uses Well Crafted with the Quality-

It is named for its vibrant and refreshing tint is a Gem type of exceptional quality. The stone is used to compute your blessing and page into new opportunities also a good luck Charm.

There is always a perception towards everything, and external dial ups, therefore this Gemstone is used to boost up your intellect and courage to get the lively vibes of the life as well as to accelerate your perception. It is believed that the stone carries the name of Sunstone as it is used to bring glees and delights in the life of its wearer just like the sun is pictured.

Although the Quartz is abundant in Brazil as well as the treatment is also affordable but puts Lemon Quartz about up to $800/kilo also a person can estimate its cost up to $3-$8 per carat at the shop level. Well, leads the Gem in loose stone variety as well.

With the durable quality, its hardness can be marked on the rating of 7 as per Mohs scale which relatively makes it regular Jewel wear. The unique appearance of Yellow Quartz makes it apt to be formed and used as a Gemstone in jewelry making also its long, pointed crystals of transparent to translucent nature comes in the cluster.

Tired of lacking skills and trying to get them also counts in for the success then the Lemon Quartz usage is your way to widen your skills as well as the horizon of your success.

You are your own creator, and you sway lack confidence in the path as the solar plexus Chakra is unbalanced; thus, the use of Lemon Quartz will empower your vitality and spirit. As a symbol of wisdom, warmth and joy, application of this Quartz increases your metabolism and also ease the digestive system.

The versatile metaphysical qualities of this Gemstone associate it with clarity, aspects strengthening and also to transmit energy.

Sometimes not only the person but the soul also lacks zest, clarity, optimistic thinking, and for that, the use of Lemon Quartz helps in nudging things up to en light & solidify the elements between the transit.


The Stone Heals with Utmost Zeal-

Pain, Anxieties, unclear thoughts, job interviews might come in a group, but they are the lonely hunter of the person’s confidence, upliftment and balanced energy. They cannot be removed but can be Healed by Lemon Color Quartz, a powerful stone which overlooks every possibility to clean you, uplift you as well as gives you the vibrations of comfortable energy.

A stone that endows its wearer with clarity, balanced Chakra, energy and optimism also Heal them to sustain deep meditation & focus.

A negative thought is much disastrous as going in the lion’s den; hence, this Quartz charge control over your negative thoughts and aids in letting anxieties pass away.

This beautiful yellow-lemon color Gemstone Heals your way in the relationship also stimulates the communication and sorting of differences between you & your partner.

Life must be full of zest and psychic so, this Gemstone ensures that you overcome with your depression, and expresses yourself in different extents.

The confused and fuzzed mind leads to the steer your life in fogging of the brain. Thus, Lemon Quartz Heals your chaotic mind and set it on the way to get away from the brain fog.

The pure energy of the Gemstone Heals and purifies the stone owner as well as makes your will uptight.


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