Hessonite Garnet

Hessonite Garnet – As the winter peaks, the snow gets dense just like that way as we move ahead ou missions, goals reach a mountain but also the life gives us thick snow sometimes clear, power pack, or thrilling. Facts Facts Facts… Ohh, life is challenging! Strange right? You must have thought to make a decision, but deep down your some unwanted instinct made you stop or turned it, you have to push yourself towards it… Ohh! But it’s challenging, Yes Life. Look it is giving that smirk still you are thinking that should I take a foot ahead well, things are not always fatal just like success or failure as failure licks you when you begin while, success, you know that actually. There is still courage in you, which counts and makes you a person even if you are afraid. Just like that, this Gemstone is a clear picture to let courage in and make your shore’s horizon more full.

Ever looked at that brown stick, tasteless but smells good, cutting your sin as cinnamon sticks are way more powerful to enhance your body metabolism. Just like the qualities, feel and look of the stick this Gem Hessonite is called as a cinnamon stone, obviously because of its color, and you don’t have to eat it.


Hessonite Garnet – Know My Story!

hessonite garnetA reddish-orange variety of Grossular Garnet as it also includes its green color founds majorly in metamorphic rocks. The main supplies of the stone come from St. Barbora Adit, Bohemia in the Czech Republic, Quebec in Canada, Germany, Italy, Central Russia, Brazil, the united states, Switzerland various locations around Siberia. Usually, the Gem can also be found in New Hemisphere, California, Maine, Massachusetts.

Stone showing the look and also called as cinnamon stone because of its color resemblance which in Hindi is called as “Gomed” means the Gem of Rahu.

Majorly, the stone is supplied from Sri Lanka, and India generally found in their placer deposits, but its occurrence in its mother cast is still unknown. Beauty with a strange origin.


If we talk about its composition, i.e., what actually a Hessonite is? Then, its a mineral of calcium aluminium silicate as well as is orangish- brown in its occurrence, which makes the point relevant for been called cinnamon stone. Greek plays a vital role in giving names as the stone name comes from a Greek word esson means inferior as the stone’s density is low and so the hardness as contrasted to other Garnets.

To add to the fact that Latin’s must not be left acknowledged as the word garnet came from the Latin word “Granatum” or “Pomegranate” because of its intense red color.


Uses as per Use Also the Quality is Defined-

As Tsavorite is another name of Grossular Garnet with its green color, even the Greeks and Romans used the stone(Hessonite) for the production of ornaments and also for cameo and intaglio cuts.

Hessonite stones are scaled 6.5 – 7 on Mohs scale for their hardness and also have a very creamy radiance and is transparent to crystalline with no cleavage.

The stone is widely used to get the virtues appreciated and curb out high confidence also it is believed that the stone imparts happiness and increase in the life span of the wearer.

Talking about the stone of Rahu as this Gemstone is related to one of the demons named as Vala also it has been believed that gods after killing him turned his body pieces in Gemstones and Hessonite is one of them. To get away with the confusion and to be more profound in the actions, Hessonite is used as a Gemstone to get-go with it. The stone shoulders you to accept the life challenges and makes you the conqueror.

Being the January Gemstone and the month is associated with new beginnings & resolutions just like that the stone is also called as “The Gem of Faith.”

Talking about the pocket for Hessonite Garnet then the stone can be heavy till $500 per carat for vivid colors and for the larger & cleaner stones from $2000-$7000. According to the astrology, the use of the stone is made when Rahu period in your heads and soul.


Healing with the Garnet-

A stone is powerful enough when its purpose has been fulfilled as in we usually go for any Gemstone to get away with our issues of life and to get healed. A Gemstone definitely looks gorgeous on jewelry if worn solely on that purpose but deep down you all know that you were there sitting to get your signs in the right place, so the stone got into your contact.

Hessonite is believed to pickle your illness let by Saturn and Rahu, which is its main Healing property. The stone is also helpful in getting wisdom, wealth, happiness and also good health.

Harnessing its powers Hessonite will heal you spiritually and will release all your material desires & limitations. You love travelling then hiking bags is your soulmate, but this Gemstone will also help you with travelling as it is a stone of protection. Evil nights and sights are more dense to make mind & soul full of fearing and anxieties; hence, the Healing Powers of Hessonite helps to curb out the evil fears and depression also bad energies.

The stone is predominant enough to boost your psychic and impose good energies while making your meditation able. You really think you have creative impressions, but somehow they don’t come out then this stone Heals your creative insights and lifts it up to have a new sailing.

As a prominent promoter of self-respect Hessonite Heals you emotionally and soothe your emotional worries as well as treats you to cope with mainstream life. This cinnamon looking stone thrust love, passion, and romance in your life, boost your overall life craze with passion.

The stone is ideal for wearing with any jewelry whether, ring, necklace, pendant, bracelets, brooches etc. as it possesses incredible healing powers which makes it a Gleaming Gemstone.



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