Guide: How to Safely Store and Organize Jewelry?

Jewelry Hacks: How to Safely Store Your Jewelry? - Keep them Organized!

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Jewelry Hacks: How to Safely Store Your Jewelry? - Keep them Organized!

Guide: How to Safely Store & Organize Jewelry. Do you possess a massive collection of all times Jewelry and get puzzled sometimes how to keep it save under all conditions? Owning a collection of beautiful and precious is a matter of pride and immense joy. Your Jewelry describes your fashion sense, your feelings and your wealth too. However, some pieces of Jewelry hit your emotions as your great grand-mothers necklace, your engagement ring, the bracelet your mother gifted you; all these pieces have a lot of personal importance and meaning behind. But don’t you feel over the time these significant pieces are getting dull, dark, and pale or tarnish? Not just these but you daily day Jewelry knock you to take little extra care of it?

I must say we all Jewelry lovers are familiar enough to the pouches, boxes, holders and all necessary stuff to store Jewelry but yet our Jewelry storing proven to be stiffed and less effective. A piece of Jewelry is an embodiment of precious metals and beautiful stones amalgamation. Here you need to know that storing a pearl is quite contrary than storing a diamond or platinum. All precious jewelries seek different care and solutions to stay safe and worthy for a longer time. To this, it is very important to make sure you know the accurate ways to perform into practice to enhance your valuable Jewelry’s life.

Here is a quick guide below to help you through all the required steps and outlines you must follow-   

Jewelry Hacks: How to Safely Store Your Jewelry? - Keep them Organized!

Where can you Store your Jewelry Safely?

There are some certain conditions and measures that you need to know about where to store precious Jewelry safely. Make sure you keep your Jewelry in clean and dry place. Mind the temperature, too much heat and can damage your Jewelry’s lust and durability. Use Jewelry boxes, lined soft fabrics such as velvet. You can also use ordinary Jewelry box but be sure that you wrap your Jewelry in a soft tissue paper first.

When you buy a piece of Jewelry at the same time jeweler gives you special pouch, bags, case or any special box according to Jewelry’s fragility to protect that Jewelry and keep it right finishing touch secure. You can also buy these items form any Jewelry store if you buy loser precious diamonds or Gemstones in case you don’t you can apply the advice given above. Remember to use Ultra-soft fabric and anti-tarnish paper that will keep your Jewelry’s life lone and secure. Also keep your piece’s design and needs when you look for the options to store it.


How can you do this?

  • Clean your Jewelry with the help of a polishing cloth. If you are using any liquid substance to do this, dry your Jewelry in open air properly.
  • On terms of regular Jewelry care, keep your closet, drawer and Jewelry boxes well organized. You can also sort you items according to their use, material and designs.
  • Use airtight box or zip lock bags.
  • Be assure to use anti-tarnish paper or an eyeglass cloth for high polished Jewelry.
  • To keep your earrings safe hang them from a curb chain or any other hanger.
  • Avoid taking your Jewelry in contact with make-up, cosmetics, lotions, perfumes and other chemical because these may react with your Jewelry metal and cause damages. I would suggest you to put on your Jewelry last whenever you dress.
  • After taking off your Jewelry, clean it well, sweat can change the color of your Jewelry and damage it.

Jewelry Hacks: How to Safely Store Your Jewelry? - Keep them Organized!

How can you Clean Most of your Jewelry?

  • Take few drops of mild liquid dish detergent and mix it in lukewarm water.
  • Soak the Jewelry gently in this liquid.
  • Use a soft brush to buff away dirt and oils.
  • Clean Jewelry with a soft polishing cloth.
  • To remove tarnish you can use a silver polishing cloth.

How can you keep your Jewelry Organized?

Organizing Jewelry is an art. It is good if you consider you Jewelry category and metals to do this. Start with a tidy box as this will give you much leverage. To avoid your long chains to get tangled try hanging them or if using a box try keeping them separate sections or in separate pouches perhaps. Use hooks to hang your everyday earrings and chains, use clay cactus ring holders to keep them glowing.

To make organizing process more easy use a style box with many small compartments to keep Jewelry separate.

Jewelry Hacks: How to Safely Store Your Jewelry? - Keep them Organized!

How can you Store Necklaces?

Storing necklaces is the most tricky and toughest task to do but it can be most convenient. To store necklaces, try keeping them separate from each other so they do not get tangled. Keeping necklaces separate will also help you to spot them clearly whenever you need. If you have a big closet you can hang your necklaces too, this will also keep them secure and handy. Making shelves and using anti-tarnish paper of wrapping them in soft cloth will also help your necklace to not getting dull, dark or less appealing.

Jewelry Hacks: How to Safely Store Your Necklace? - Keep them Organized!

How can you Store Earrings?

Earrings are another important and most use accessory. No women can avoid earrings no matter what the occasion is. Earrings need extra care because they go through pollution, body oils and dirt. To storing earrings, it is recommended to use the cleaning method first and then keep them safe in any box or drawer. Use an organizer such a hanger or hook or rod to avoid earrings getting tangled. Use polishing cloth, anti-tarnishing paper and soft clothes for frequent cleaning. To store precious and extra fragile earrings use Jewelry box, fill it with cotton and put your Jewelry safe in it. Use also use airtight zip and lock bag.

Jewelry Hacks: How to Safely Store Your Earrings? - Keep them Organized!

How can you Store Bracelets and Bangles?

It is easy to store bracelets and bangles because they do not tangle and lose spark. For bracelets just try hanging them as we did above for earrings, you can also use pouches or air-tight bags to store them. Remember not to polish them with any type of cleaning cloth because they can break down easily. For bangles, simply use boxes, trays or custom closets. Do not forget to wrap them in any soft tissue, try polishing cloth, and do not put them loose otherwise their shape will be affected. Storing bangles and bracelets can be more convenient when you closets like Elfa and TCS.

Jewelry Hacks: How to Safely Store Your Bracelet? - Keep them Organized!

How can you Store Gold Jewelry?

Gold is a sensitive metal. It can be easily damaged by hard Gemstones and other elements. It can be easily scratched and turn dark if it just remain open in environment. To store your gold Jewelry you need soft bags or organizing box. You can use boxes filled with cotton as well. Also mind the temperature where you keep your gold Jewelry store for long. Avoid harsh issues, chemical cleaning because it will damage your gold’s property. If your storing your gold for a long time do not forget to wash and air dry it. Also try to store gold Jewelry individual. Avoid Gemstones, silver, diamonds, and specially pearls because it will deteriorate your gold’s quality.


How can you Store Silver Jewelry?

If you possess silver Jewelry, you have to take it extreme care. Silver loves dryness so as you have to storing it. Always and ever keep your silver away from the direct exposure to the air. You can also use special storage boxes but to be sure that you use tarnish-cloth or paper in it. Silver is known for its shine so tarnish-proof paper or cloths are the extreme essential while you storing it. This will keep your silver safe for a long time. Here is one thing you can never forget about silver is that never use rubber bands to tight or lock the silver Jewelry, as rubber content sulphur it will tarnish your silver for all.


How you can Store Diamond Jewelry?

Diamonds the most precious and expensive element is the hardest substance on the earth. As it is a well-known proverb diamond cuts diamond, in terms of storing diamond it is actually true. Diamond is strong enough to damage your Gemstone, pearls, silver and even platinum Jewelry so never store you diamond with them.

Also keep in mind that store your diamond in its Jewelry box or airtight pouch and dry environment only, avoid harsh chemical and humid environment conditions otherwise your diamond will cause serious damages in its inner property.

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