Easy Tricks: How to Know If Gold is Real?

10 Quick Tricks: How to Know If Gold is Real at Home? Easy Hack Guide

Gold is extremely precious and also a serious reason behind real prosperity. You definitely feel proud whenever you buy a Gold chain or necklace and must feel flattered whenever someone appreciates your Gold Jewelry. But wait. Did you ever think about what if your shinning sparkling Gold is just a shining eye-catchy polish? Ever wonder the Gold that is a sign of your richness is even real or not? Well, worry not before you doubt your precious Gold Jewelry on any Gold item, we will explore ways to find and check your actual Gold properties. I’m pretty sure you have had heard about many of these that I’m going to tell you. Before I tell you further I want to clear one serious misconception about purity imprints. Do you think these marks are reliable and truly defined actual worth of Gold? In some places, it is seen that Gold with purity marks is not as genius as it told. Some Gold products have false fitness marking and sometimes they promise to be pure but actually just Gold plated with fake and full of metal filled inside. Some purity certifications might not stand on your expectations and you may feel about the long saved important money that you invested in buying that valuable Gold that actually worth’s less – Easy Tricks: How to Know If Gold is Real?

These are some important and practical factors that really affect your investment and your interest in inexpensive Jewelry. So what one step should one take now? Should one stop buying what excites him/her most? The real question is, how one can tell then if the Gold is even real or not?

The answers are, these simple and authentic testes that we have described below-

The Gold purity chart- now of course you wondering, how can a chart help through?  This Gold purity chat will help you educate about the actual properties that Gold possess. After understanding this chat you will learn what and how to test Gold accordingly. Here the chart below.

% of Gold ContentKarat SystemMillesimal Fineness System
58.314K583 (585)


The Gold Hallmark Test-

The hallmark is a purity sign. Hallmark certifies the standard purity of any Gold piece. Hallmark is an authentic and the only sign that is imprinted by the national standards organization for Gold’s purity.

Next time when you go to your jeweler ask them for a certain stamp marking and a mandatory collection of Jewelry with authentication marks only. Some high popular Jewelry manufacturers also mark their Jewelry with their authentication stamp. This is called a Gold Jewelry marking symbol – Easy Tricks: How to Know If Gold is Real?

Note  You can find hallmarks on or near the clasp of any Gold necklace of bracelets. On rings try to look at the inner surface. Remember a mark can authenticate your valuable investment and Gold item – Easy Tricks: How to Know If Gold is Real?

10 Quick Tricks: How to Know If Gold is Real at Home? Easy Hack Guide


The Light Microscope Test-

A light microscope test could be the first and easiest test to check your Gold authentication. This works out quickly and live. If you wish to perform this test, all you need is a light microscope and your Gold product.

What do you need to do?

Just put your Gold item under the light microscope and wisely inspect it. Look for the details and flaws. Search for the essential visual clues of purity – Easy Tricks: How to Know If Gold is Real?

10 Quick Tricks: How to Know If Gold is Real at Home? Easy Hack Guide


The Nitric Acid Test-

Another method and comfortable way to tell if your Gold is real or not is to perform the liquid nitric acid test. The liquid nitric test is authentic and gives an instant result. To perform liquid nitric test follow the steps below-

  • Make a small lightweight scratch on your Gold item.
  • Make sure to make this scratch on an un-noticeable part if possible.
  • Use a drop of liquid nitric acid on the scratch.
  • Wait for a few seconds.

Result– if you see green over-sterling milky substance on the scratch then Gold is flowing. (Nitric acid reacts as it comes in contact with metals easily if your Gold item is faulty or platted reaction will be seen.)

If you see no changes and your Gold item remains the same as it was before applying the acid. This means is your Gold is flawless and authentic. When liquid nitric come into contact with real Gold no reactions or changes take place.) Easy Tricks: How to Know If Gold is Real?

10 Quick Tricks: How to Know If Gold is Real at Home? Easy Hack Guide


The Liquid Foundation Test-

to be honest, this way to test Gold quality is not as reliable as other practices, but it is easy. To analyse if your Gold is real or not follow these simple steps-

  • Take some liquid foundation or powder and apply it on your forehead.
  • Rub your Gold Jewelry gently across the area where you applied foundation. That’s it.
  • Results- if a black line appears behind to understand that your Gold is not the real Gold.
  • If it remains the same then take a chill to breathe.

One more trick to use foundation as a testing tool is to know if your Gold is real to apply it to someone’s forehead that has low iron.

Result – If the Gold is real it will leave a black mark on that person’s head.

If the Gold in unreal no reactions will take place – Easy Tricks: How to Know If Gold is Real?


The Float Test-

Float test is again one of the simplest tests to know Gold’s actual properties. This does not require any material. To perform this test all you need is a transparent glass full of water and your Gold item that you wish to test. Here what you need to do-

  • Simply put your Gold in the water. The process is done.

Result  If your Gold is unreal or coated it will hang or float on the bottom surface of the glass.

If your Gold item is real it will instantly sink into the water. Due to its high density, the Gold will not float at all. Easy Tricks: How to Know If Gold is Real?

Note  The float test is not 100% accurate or we can say it is. One thing that rings the bell here that some manufactures may use other heavy substances to make you fake Gold item density balanced. Hence you can try this test after applying other methods to just clarify your previous test.

10 Quick Tricks: How to Know If Gold is Real at Home? Easy Hack Guide


The Diagnostic Test – How to Know If Gold is Real?

This test is also easy and gives visible instant results. However, you might find it difficult. Arrange a black stone or an unglazed ceramic plate, else an unglazed porcelain tile.  Arranging anyone could be hard for someone. Here follow the steps below to perform this test-

  • Make a small scratch on any un-noticeable side of your item if possible.
  • Hold your Gold item into your hands.
  • Gently and slowly rub black stone or other testing material on that scratch.
  • Do this for a few minutes; make sure not to damage the Gold piece.

Result – If you the color of your Gold is still as bright and Golden as it was then no doubt your Gold piece is real and authentic.

If you see black streaks on the scratched place then this is alarming. Your Gold is absolutely unreal – Easy Tricks: How to Know If Gold is Real?


The Skin Test-

the skin test is easy to perform and required no tools besides sweat on your palm. This test is light, comfortable a real quick. What you need to do is-

  • Hold your Gold item on your hands for a minute or two.

Result – The real Gold won’t stain or discolor the skin. If you holding it in hands no matter how long, your Gold will remain the same. It would not lose color.

If you are wearing unreal or plated Gold. It will turn slightly discolor on your palm. The sweat on your skin will naturally react with the fake color of Gold. Your skin will react with it by discoloring green and black – Easy Tricks: How to Know If Gold is Real?


The Magnet Test – How to Know If Gold is Real?

a high strength magnet is absolutely necessary to perform this test. If you don’t own one, you can buy this magnet to any ordinary iron store. The magnet test is easy and authentic yet needs little contention in terms of justifying the actual Gold properties. You must know that Gold is a non-ferrous metal. It does not attract Gold. Here’s how you can perform this test-

  • Put your magnet on a decent distance to your item. Now see what happens.

Result  If your Gold item is coming into a strict contact with Gold then no doubt it is unreal. Sometimes magnet may slightly attract the Gold but does not keep on with they stay little magnetic. This means the Gold is not completely unreal rather plated or has some other material hidden. If your magnet is strictly attracting the Gold item then stop the test.

As I have clear above Gold is a non-ferrous metal I do not get attracted by the magnet in all respect, its completely your real and has properties – Easy Tricks: How to Know If Gold is Real?

10 Quick Tricks: How to Know If Gold is Real at Home? Easy Hack Guide


The Vinegar Test-

Vinegar is another most important tool to find your Gold’s real worth. You can easily find white vinegar in any of your kitchen shelves. Vinegar is a strong ingredient to analyses Gold and its worth. To perform this test here what you need to do-

  • Fill a dropper with white vinegar.
  • Hold your Gold item on your hands or any vessel. You can also use a flat surface or any towel to do this process.
  • Now put some drops of vinegar on the Gold item.
  • You can also pour Gold items into a vinegar filled cup or bowl and then let the Gold item rest in it for a few minutes.

Result If the Gold item changes its color then it is not pure Gold. Unreal Gold will changes its color either black or green as it will easily react as it will come into contact with vinegar.

If the Gold is real it will shine more brightly than before after this process – Easy Tricks: How to Know If Gold is Real?


The Sound Test – How to Know If Gold is Real?

The sound is an important factor and a well-known process to know your Gold’s accuracy. Just hit your Gold to any metal gently and focuses on the sound. The ‘ping’ sound of your Gold on a high pitching ringing sound is a sign that your Gold is real. If the Gold is unreal and it will sound hollow and less in density. Real Gold produces more filled and bounded sound rather than any other metal while unreal Gold produces less pitch and uneven sound – Easy Tricks: How to Know If Gold is Real?

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