Brooches: What are they & How Should I Wear them?

Brooches: What are they & How Should I Wear them?

Brooches: What are they & How Should I Wear them?What are Brooches?

A Brooch is something known as a decorative piece of Jewelry. This ornament is used to be attached to garments to make them look more attractive and beautiful. It often goes with a hinged pin behind to attach. Brooches are made of silver, gold, metal, or some other materials.

“History of Brooch”

Brooches were discovered during the middle age and known as a fibula. As decorative items Brooches were used cloth fasteners and firstly crafted in the Bronze Age. In Europe when metalworking technology advanced during Iron Age, Brooches came into technique, and craftsmen started metal bar twisting and wire making that is where the basis of many new Brooches: What are they & How Should I Wear them?objects came in fashion including fibula (Brooch). Later in Europe as early as 400 BC fibula got new imprints decorated in red enamel and coral inlay.

The earliest form and manifesting of Brooches was discovered in Great Britain in the period from 600 to 150 BC.

How to Wear a Brooch?

Before discussing, How to wear a Brooch? I won’t shatter an old myth that says Brooches are 19’s stuff.  Brooches of course once went off the trend but Brooches are coming back in 2019 and 2020 in a lot of creative ways with a touch of vintage and retro appeal. Top of all Brooches and presently more trendy and versatile that can easily be paired with a splash of color gemstones, sparkly rhinestones, or maybe with just simple matter and design.

Brooches: What are they & How Should I Wear them?Here I can say In a nutshell, Brooches are the tool to refresh your style-

There are numerous fun and creative ways to wear a Brooch. No doubts a Brooch is the easiest and versatile piece of Jewelry to go with. It can be worn by men and women both. Not comparing it other accessories but every Jewelry has its absolute place to be put on as necklaces are going around the neck, watches are just fit for writs, belts are for waist and list go on as smellier. On the other hand, Brooches are the only that creates Jewelry that can wisely and strategically be placed anywhere on the outfit to give it the most attractive and elegant looks, wearing Brooches on the different parts of the outfits not just embrace the looks but also tell more about the personality.

Stand out with this Ultimate Magical Styling Tool called “Brooch”. Wearing a Brooch on a write enhance confidence and define personality. A Brooch can be worn singly, in a pair of clusters, or some other unique ways such as on the hat, On the Collar, Around Your Neckline, on Coat or Jackets, or in Hair too.

Tips to Wear a Brooch

  • A Brooch is either be worn right or left, over the bust.
  • For men, Brooches are worn strictly. For men, Brooch needs to be wearing on the left when your clothes have a collar. You can wear it on the right when your hair is on the left or vice versa.
  • Before pick up a Brooch make sure your fabric can manage the weight of the Brooch.
  • If your fabric is light, thin, or delicate, use an extra small piece of cloth according to your fabric color and pin the Brooch in behind both layers carefully.
  • Make sure you pick the right color according to your Brooch. Bright color clothes easily go with black or dark colors, while black or dark garments are good for bright and diamante Brooches.
  • Experiment with old Brooches.
  • Choose vintage and unique designs.
  • Combine several Brooches for a personalized look.
  • When wearing a Brooch on a business outfit or jacket make sure to put it on the left side. This way will make your business outfit look more graceful.
  • Consider your collection for formal outfits and casual wear.
  • You can also pin Brooches on your bags to make them look attractive.
  • Brooches can also you to secure headscarf and neckline.
  • Traditionally Brooches are worn on the lapel or breast of a jacket.


“Different Type of Brooches”

Bar BroochesBar Brooches-

A bar Brooch is a long pin that is worn horizontally or vertically as it goes with your outfit. Bar Brooches are the easiest to use popular and fascinating. It is as type on pin Brooch come with all color, design, and shapes. Bar Brooches can be set with gemstones and pearls to enhance their look and worth. Bar Brooch collection can be very best unique and well customized because they are the simplest Brooches to find.


Pendant Brooches: What are they & How Should I Wear them?Pendant Brooches-

Pendant Brooches are the easiest substitute for necklaces. Their main use is to be handed on the neckline.  They are designed to transform necklace in Brooches. You subtly attach a chain with a pendant Brooch as well. Pendant Brooches are far comfortable and light to carry that any other necklace, that’s the reason they are quite popularized among ladies who go with handy and fun Jewelry.


Portrait Brooches: What are they & How Should I Wear them?Portrait Brooches-

Portrait Brooches came into trend in the mid-18th century. Portrait Brooches were famous and commonly worn until the end of the Victorian period. They are painted and beautiful manuscripts of memories with designs. Mainly mend to lock the memories on pieces of metal to be worn later worn as portrait Brooch.  Meanwhile, portrait Brooches are back in trend again and use to personalize and to express love and memories. They can easily go with a headscarf or perhaps with the neckline.


Foliate Brooches: What are they & How Should I Wear them?Foliate Brooches-

This is a day time Jewelry. Foliate Brooches are the most fashionable theme in Brooches.  They are popularized across Europe. Foliate Brooches are traditionally decorated with leaves and flowers modified with beautiful knots, ribbons, and pearls. Discovered in the 19th century, these are worn as the symbol of friendship and the leisure joy of contentment. Foliate Brooches are gentle and need care. Because of their fragile design and shape, they must be handled with immense care. If you truly love a friend and want to bond your friendship stronger. This beautiful artwork is a perfect choice.


Enamel Brooches: What are they & How Should I Wear them?Enamel Brooches-

Some 3800 years ago, Egyptians began the process of inlaying enamel. Later then enamel used to process enamel pins. The first-ever enamel pin was discovered by the Chinese. The Enamel Brooches are processed of powered and metals, created by the craftsmen they are stunning and colored. This is one of the rarest and oldest forms of surfacing decoration. Mostly, use to add more color and attention to a Brooch. They are highly processed.

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