Rainbow Moonstone – Every GEM has its Story!

Rainbow Moonstone - Every GEM has its Story! BulkGemstones.com

“Welcome to the World of Rainbow Moonstone”

Rainbow MoonstoneRainbow Moonstone sharpen your feminine ‘Goddess’ energy! Moonstones have a highly spiritual Nature, and you may be benefited by putting this and it also helps in making positive vibrations to work in your Life.

It miles a Stone that complements your Emotions and encourages fervent Dreams, eager expectation, and Heartfelt remedy. It holds inside it the deep-seated Nature of feminine power.

Rainbow Moonstone is fulfilled with energy because it is a Gemstone that has the power of the goddess. Rainbow Moonstone is a very special and highly spiritual stone that connects both sexes to the vibration of Mother Gaia and her energy.

You spot those cycles contemplated strongly inside the existence of every lady, and the pull of the tides strongly outcomes every being in the World.


Know My Story –

Rainbow MoonstoneThis stone’s deposits are found in Canada, Australia, India, Madagascar, Mexico, Myanmar (Burma), Russia, Sri Lanka (Ceylon) and the USA. These stones have been in use for a very long time, and have been found in pieces dating back over 2000 years, both in Oriental countries and in Moonstone Jewelry from the Roman empire. you see those cycles meditated strongly inside the existence of each woman, and the pull of the tides strongly influences each being in the World.

Rainbow Moonstone has been used in Roman Jewelry for nearly two thousand years, even longer in the Orient.

Rainbow Moonstone comes in a variety of Labradorite that exhibits a Blue or multicolored presence on light body color. It has always been a Sacred Stone in India with a special significance for enthusiasts and is a conventional wedding gift there.

Rainbow Moonstone - Every GEM has its Story! BulkGemstones.comRainbow Moonstone is usually colorless with a blue or, in rare cases, it may have a Rainbow-Colored Sheen. The blue sheen is highly valued, so Gemstones that exhibit the strongest blue sheen are most sought after. A strong blue Sheen is sometimes referred to as “Royal Blue”.When you move these Stones around often you will see beautiful colors reflected back at you. Rainbow Moonstone is a member of the feldspar organization, which makes up approximately 60% of the Earth’s crust.


Types of Rainbow Moonstone –

Blue, or Cat’s Eye Moonstone, promotes clarity of the Mind and inner vision, keeping one focused while in a meditative or altered state of awareness it is particularly helpful in seeing Emotional Rainbow Moonstone - Every GEM has its Story! BulkGemstones.compatterns and existence training, and in balancing yin and yang energies.



White Moonstone consists of the electricity of the brand new moon at the height of its power, stimulating psychic belief, imaginative and prescient and dream paintings. it could magnify one’s emotions, activating the kundalini energy in girls and emotional stability in men, and is supportive in kids to force away nightmares or insomnia.


Rainbow Moonstone - Every GEM has its Story! BulkGemstones.comGray Moonstone is a Stone of perceiving past the veil – beneficial to the clairvoyant and shaman, and in moving one into unseen nation-states. it’s miles referred to as the “New Moon Stone” and carries the mysteries and powers of the new Moon, in which all things exist as capacity.

Peach or Yellow Moonstone helps the coronary Heart as it stimulates the thoughts, soothing worry or tension, and bringing out the great in people. Its loving Power promotes the Divine in all situations and is emotional assist for intuitive or sensitive youngsters.


Benefits and Purpose –

Rainbow Moonstone - Every GEM has its Story! BulkGemstones.comAlmost everyone has had situations where they need emotional help and Guidance, especially in issues related to Love and Romance in these situations this Gemstone is very useful.

This will prevent confusion, and also protect you against the all too common trap of using a relationship as a distraction from spiritual and pain.

Moonstone is associated with the Crown Chakra, which is why it can help you grow your spiritual vision.

It can help ease and comfort you once you’ve got your medicine, but it can’t replace that medicine.

Rainbow Moonstone is fulfilled with Energy because it is a Gemstone that has the power of the goddess.

Rainbow Moonstone - Every GEM has its Story! BulkGemstones.comRainbow Moonstone can guide us through some of those tough days whilst we simply aren’t sure what to do with ourselves or the way to deal with our emotional situations

Rainbow Moonstone is thought to bring balance, harmony and wish even as improving creativity, compassion, patience, and inner self-assurance.

These beautiful crystals of rainbow moonstone reflect the magical light of the Moon.

For men, this Gemstone is very useful to strengthen their femininity that can actually bring balance to your Life. Children with hyperactivity like who can’t sleep at night also stand to benefit from this stone’s calming powers.


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