Gray Diamond

Gray Diamond

“Welcome to the World of Gray Diamond”

Gray DiamondGray Diamond is the rarest Diamond in the world but it is supposedly very auspicious to the wearers of this. It is a very powerful and useful Diamond but it is found in certain spots and due to this rare availability it becomes valuable among all colored Diamonds or colorless Diamonds. The Gray color is much rarer as compared to yellow and blue Diamonds. Gray hue is a very desirable color in nature that is quite complicated to find.

Mostly the Gray color rings are quite formed in the world. Certain most of this color Diamonds are found in Gray-blue hues that are so exclusive and supposed to be very powerful and unique. They very rarely exist in nature. The two most famed Gray-blue Diamonds in the world are the Hope Diamond and the Wittelsbach Diamond. These reflect a great Gray-blue luster and glory.


Know My Story!

Gray DiamondGray Diamonds have a great story behind its rarity and availability. They seem like blue hue that is formed with the Nitrogen, Hydrogen, Boron elements during its creation. The Gray-blue Diamonds are called the semiconductor of electricity. These are found in many intense grades that are Light Gray hues, Fancy light Diamond, Fancy Gray, fancy dark Gray Diamond, and Fancy deep Gray Diamonds.

These Diamonds also have certain usual hues as Fancy dark violet Gray Diamonds, Fancy dark greenish-yellow Gray Diamonds, and Fancy dark greenish Gray Diamonds. The most recognized Diamond is the Wittelsbach Diamond that is a grade of Gray. It is a very famous Diamond among the Gray and Gray-blue Diamond grades. It is also known as the Sultan of Morocco. Its weight is 35.27 carats and well famed for its carats. If we talk about its value at the present time then it is about $ 1.4 million dollars. It is a highly expensive Diamond.

They are usually found in the countries India, Russia, Brazil, Australia and South Africa as well. Mainly these are derived from the Argyle mine. Argyle mine is famous for its many hues Gray DiamondDiamonds production and it is the most Genesis spot in the world which generates the high numbers of colored Diamonds. Argyle mine produces huge this color Diamonds and it is the main source of it and Argyle also has the main source of pink Diamonds generation so we can call that Gray Diamonds are found where pink Diamonds are derived.

Argyle mine produces a huge amount of colored Diamonds but it allows merely about 2% productivity of them that’s why it reveals its rarity among all Diamonds. The natural this color Diamonds obtain their rare hue during its formation under the land. These Diamonds are found in numerous varieties and hues that are supposed to be very specific. Occasionally the Gray Diamonds are also called the steel, slate, charcoal Gray, pigeon and silver.

They switch their hues according to climate and in the Hot weather that seems warm brown and yellow and in the cold that shows the blue and green hues. The cushion shapes are very marvelous in the jewelry especially rings. They have a secondary hue as well as green and blue. The hope Diamond is the great fancy deep Grayish blue Diamond in the history that was found in India.


My Use & Purity – 

Gray DiamondGray Diamonds are very useful Diamonds to the people and these are found in great clarity and purity. These are used in very precious pieces of jewelry like necklaces and rings. These are very popular for the rings because their Gray color rings are made in great specific cushion-cut shapes and have a distinct sparkle and insight. These are very expensive Diamonds and its use makes the cost of things. These are supposed that their color name has meant to come true to the dream of the wearers.

This remains connective with the prospect of the wearers and allows them the energy to accomplish their hopes. This helps you to achieve your goals and complete your plans. It boosts up the encouragement of the wearers and allow them the power to grow ahead.


I am a Healer! – Gray Diamonds

Gray DiamondThese Diamonds have unique powers like some more rare powerful Diamonds. These have the power to influence love relations. It makes strong the love between friends and relatives or couples. They have a positive effect on relationships. It has spirit and properties of raising the owner’s self-confidence. This Gemstone will be the energy for you to perform the things. It is used to have a very good responsibility and pride to stuff you does.

They also have the power of wealth which existence makes the rich and prosperous the people. It has a positive influence on the business of people. It helps to grow businesses and profits. It makes your life shine. These improve the durability of the people. It allow the wearer’s positive energy and draw back the negative effects of your body.

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