Ethiopian Opal – Every GEM has its Story!

Ethiopian Opal - Every GEM has its Story!

Ethiopian Opal Facts-

• Ethiopian Opal Referred to as a pleasure packed Gemstone.
• It helps to exaggerate the negative reactions.
• It enhances truth to nature.
• Being “A Gem Queen”, it helps to enlighten the wearers.
Ethiopian Opal - Every GEM has its Story! BulkGemstones.comImproves communication skills which can be a voice of the hereafter.
• Promote the way of calm security
• Birthstone – October
• Astrological sign – not include any special zodiac but have a strong affinity with the maternal sign of Cancer.
• Strengthen crown chakra.
• Elements – silicon, hydrogen, and oxygen
• Opal is useful for the health of the eyes, hair, nails, and skin.
• Beneficial in harmonizing the body’s water level, disabling dehydration, or improving water retention.
• Found in Wegal Tena in Wollo Province, Ethiopia in 2008.
• Full-spectrum of rainbow hues.
• Brings luck.
• Confine the color of all gems.
• Maintains Water energy, the energy of stillness, quiet strength, and purification.

“Welcome to the World of Ethiopian Opal”

Ethiopian Opal - Every GEM has its Story!“You are a Gem who tries to fill sparkle with little Gems in your own life, whereas Gemstones which make your neck have a worthy sparkle.” – Ethiopian Opal

Gemstones are beautiful mineral crystals in a well-cut and polished form which is used to make jewelry and other adornments. Among every Gemstone, there is a story which lies within the crafting of it.

You know there is one of the stone named – Ethiopian Opal which even made Ethiopia’s Queen Sheba adorable when she went to meet King Salomon. Ethiopian Opal a most diverse and spectacular form of stone which can change its color is one of the most excellent qualities of opal source. The transparency of this Opal is so high that even the transparent sea allows it to carve or crap the colors evenly in this Gem.


Know My Story!

Ethiopian Opal - Every GEM has its Story!

The ethereal delight Opal, referred to as the “Eye Stone.” lights in sort of a rainbow, it blazes its uniqueness with even the smallest amount movement and entitlements notice by all who eyewitness its remarkable “fire.” this can be a stone dedicated to the eyes, pleasing to the sight. It stimulates love and hope, goodness and purity, luck, and happiness.
The meaning of the word Opal comes from a Greek word ‘Opallios’ which suggests to work out a change of color, which is connected with the way precious Opal diffracts light. The name of this Opal variety relates to the location they’re available from, within the Shewa Province in Ethiopia.

However, the Ethiopian Opal is gorgeous and attractive. It follows an extreme form of colors and patterns and frequently displays brilliant flashes of color. These Ethiopian Opals are from the Welo district of Ethiopia discovered in 2008. they’re proven to be extremely stable despite their porosity they will absorb water and alter transparency or opacity then return to their original state with no adverse reaction or cracking. These stones are marvelous for exploiting Water energy, the energy of stillness, quiet strength, and purification.

Ethiopian Opal - Every GEM has its Story!
Philosophical healers happen to be more accustomed to the first red or brown-based Ethiopian Flash Opal. This was discovered in 1994 at Yita Ridge. they’re the high-vibration Fire energy stones of ancient wisdom that burn off karma from the past and open the thanks to rebirth. These ancient stones lend access to the past, present, and future, stimulating all of one’s philosophical gifts. Ethiopian Opal activates the bottom and Sacral Chakras. Ethiopian Opals are joy-filled gems, bonding all the refined bodies into balance that the whole body functions harmoniously. Ethiopian Opals transmit positive dragon energy, for both personal and terrestrial use. It also shows the wide-ranging play of colors which ranges from glowing reds to orange, greenish to blue, white to yellowish, and brown along with fire colors. Ethiopian Opal causes an outstanding pattern formation along with colors like turquoise and indigos which makes them unique.


Opal was discovered in Ethiopia and entered in the gem and jewelry market in 1994 but got exposed in 2008 & first discovered in the 1880s. They are formed within the layers of Volcanic ash & relatively low temperature, unlike other volcanic born stones. This Semi-Precious and high porous Opal originates from a discovery made in the Menz Gishe District in the Northern Part of the Shewa Province. Yes, precisely the place where Ethiopia’s Queen Sheba lives. Ethiopian Opal named as ” Queen of gemstones”. This masterpiece is the most desired Gems in the industry because of it’s highly porous nature and ability to change color. Ethiopian Opal is the largest demanded Gemstone in the American marketplace and being more permeable than Australian Opal. Ethiopian Opal absorbs more water as they become transparent when immersed in water, becomes milky when taken out and turn to an original beauty after several days. You know the interesting fact is – the intensity of the color of this Opal is so high that you can see a spectrum in a single Gem, such a Queen of Gem it is.

Ethiopian Opal - Every GEM has its Story!

When we talk about Opal, then Australia has been the possessive dominant in the Gemstone market for over a decade. Like we said the Ethiopian Opal was discovered in Ethiopia in the early ’90s, but it lacked the high color and quality as compared to Australian Opal.



My Quality, Use & Treatments!

Ethiopian Opal - Every GEM has its Story! BulkGemstones.comEthiopian Opal is a Gemstone of finest quality opal. Putting in the record that this Opal is adamant, i.e., it is capable of withstanding a drop from four feet without any damage.

However, hey! Do you know that your Opal is used for the treatment of Dyes, Smoke, & Acid because of its porous nature which made price a bit down in the market. The Gemstone Industry had a vast discovery of this adorable Gemstone gave a high impact, and its play of color essence makes it more attractive. The base color is always brown, and the Opal which displays the color spectrum is called “Chocolate Opal Fire”.

We say that color enhancement makes the material more prone to buying just like that, the Opal is smoked to enhance the color and named as “Ethiopian Black opal”.

Ethiopian Opal - Every GEM has its Story!

However, what about its purity? Now, this sounds to be a measure to consider but in the history of Gem. This is the purest and porous Gem which does not craze while drying out, unlike other stones. It has violet, red, black, white, brown, grey and green colors in which violet color Opal comes from dye treatment, black color occurs naturally, but many are enhanced to black color by smoke treatment as we have said earlier. Natural Ethiopian and customized Opal are not easily identified as they exhibit similar quality and nature.


The value of Ethiopian Opal in the market and international market is much higher as compared to other Gemstones. There are large buyers of naturally occurring gems. More of the bright flash of color in the Opal, higher is the value of the silica, a base quote to its substantial amount in the market. The Gemstone is bright so as its future though it is currently sold at a reasonable price; hence, it is more visible, and the Gem-buying public is getting aware of this Semi-Precious, adorable Ethiopian Opal.

Ethiopian Opal - Every GEM has its Story!

Ethiopian Opal is a very gentle and beautiful stone. Meanwhile, it is used with high-quality metal to frame elegant Jewelry. Here some facts that one should keep in mind while judging an Ethiopian Opal. In the world of Opal, nature has offered an assortment of Opal stone, Ethiopian Opal has been considered among the most precious and valuable Opal after Australian Opal. Meanwhile, both the stones have the same certain properties, yet there are some slight differences. The expressive difference in properties between Ethiopian and Australian Opals helps one to find a suitable Gemstone. Here are some measures that help one to find a meaningful Ethiopian Opal-
• Ethiopian Opals are Hydrophane that means they can absorb water.
• Hydrophane changes the color and transparency of the stone that might make them quite unstable.
• Ethiopian Opals might turn yellow or brown and lose their fire. This probably happens because the stone has been permitted to engage with water, which momentarily disturbs its colour and fire. Once the stone is desiccated, it yields to the normal state.


I am a Healer!

Ethiopian Opal - Every GEM has its Story!

The Gemstones no doubt makes your jewelry look adorable and gorgeous, but they do carry some healing power, and the acceptable fact is we do buy them for a reason somehow. It is considered to strengthen the will to live as well as to appreciate the beauty of life; i.e., this mineral is so powerful that the depressed person will feel cherished & happy. Life is dark, so as our pain; thus, its darker varieties are said to absorb the pain and sorrow while filling it with positive vibes and thoughts.

Ethiopian Opal comes with extraordinary healing properties. Ethiopian Opals help to light the positive activities and emotions. It enhances truth to nature, good distinctions similarly, and helps the wearer to stand-in his highest potential. they’re best documented for his or her karmic brilliance because they relieve the wearing individual to remember, whatever he or she sends out will reoccur within the end. Ethiopian Opal is just too proven to be extremely unchanging despite its porosity.

Ethiopian Opal - Every GEM has its Story!
This Gemstone contains an inclination to inspire passion, hope, virtue, transparency, luck, love, and cheerfulness. This stone is marvelous for exploiting Water dynamism, the keenness of stillness, quiet effectiveness, and modification. This soothing crystal safeguards the wearer against negativity and is often believed to be a stone of ancient wisdom. It relives karma from the past and unbolts the commitments to rebirth. Conventionally, it’s measured that it tolerates a soul holograph which helps the wearer to admittance the past, present, and also the future.
Ethiopian Opal also consists of numerous physical healing properties – Ethiopian Opal is believed to diffuse infections, purify the blood and kidneys, and to normalize insulin production. It helps decrease fever, kindles memory, and enthusiastically alleviates neurotransmitter instabilities, Ethiopian Opal is sympathetic in matters with female hormones, PMS, and menopause. Ethiopian Opal also affords comfort and easiness during labor.
Ethiopian Opal is useful for the health of the eyes, hair, nails, and skin, and employed in treatments to expend and strengthen the vision, and in discussing syndromes related to the eyes. It’s also useful in harmonizing the body’s water content, incapacitating dehydration, or alleviating water preservation.

A Joyful Breathtaking stone is possessing the quality of joy filling and vibrant tuning of the body from every negative insight. An astonishing stone that can heal you physically, mentally, emotionally and can balance your Chakras. You are innocent, pure and believes in hope then you are just like Ethiopian opal Gemstone of zodiac sign – Libra.

In today’s world, it is famous and demanding though it is unique as the mineral is excavated from YITA RIDGE, 150 miles from Ethiopia’s capital. You seek for reaping the advantages of the stone while making your neck appearance lovable then you must update your assortment with the varied vary of Ethiopian opal jewelry.


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