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“Welcome to the World of Champagne Diamond”

Champagne DiamondChampagne Diamond is a moderate Diamond that is found in brown color. It is a segment of the natural brown Diamond group. Champagne Diamonds are formed with the brittle crystalline structure. These Diamonds are found in uncommon shapes. Champagne Diamonds are the inclusion of nitrogen that is entrapped in the Diamond’s frame during this creation. These Diamonds are quite rare in cutting because its cut shapes are very stiff.

These Diamonds are very beautiful. Champagne Diamonds can be found in some hues like in light brown color and dark brown colors. These are very unique and famed for their softness and brightness. Its color is quite impressive and has great recognition in the world. The yellow and brown hue of Champagne Diamonds is used to form precious jewelry that looks very amazing and fabulous. These colors are brought into use to make engagement rings that are very different and beautiful.


Know My Story!

Champagne DiamondChampagne Diamonds are mainly produced in Australia. These are derived from the mines and the one highly produced mine is Argyle mine which is located in Australia. Champagne Diamonds hues and cut properties are very vital forms to spread these Beauties and improve this commercially. These Diamonds are traded as chocolate Diamonds that are a very exclusive brand. These Diamonds appear like Champagne Color. The high carat weights of Champagne Diamonds are very highly valued.

Champagne Diamonds are quite rarer than white Diamonds and other than colorless Diamonds. It is more expensive as compared to others but these Diamonds are rarer than the fancy colored Diamonds but not so affordable. The rates and high sales of these Diamonds depend on its cut and hue, clarity and carat weight is more precious. Some fancy colored Diamonds are more expensive than Champagne Diamonds.  The carat weight enhances the value of this Diamond. The golden pelican is a Champagne Diamond that is 69.93-carat weights and its value is 3 million dollars.

Champagne DiamondChampagne Diamonds are derived at several places in the world. These are found in Australia, Africa, Siberia countries. The Australia country is the primary origin source of this Diamond from where the most different colored precious Diamonds are produced. The warmth and pressure both are engaged with the formation of this precious Diamond. These Diamonds have great lasting and hardness. The golden jubilee Champagne color is the very precious Diamond that has 545-carat weights and $5-12 million valued. These Diamonds carats weights are a greater thing to get this popularity.

Champagne Diamonds Genesis source is supposed the mines where the Champagne and fancy colored cushion Diamonds and low grades Diamonds as well derived. These Diamonds are scheduled according to the colors grades as C1 to C7 in which light, dark, medium and fancy intense to fancy vivid Diamonds. These Diamonds are also discovered in the Cullinan mine which is in South Africa. A great quality one-carat Champagne color cost is supposed to be $2000-$3000. These Diamonds have certain intensity grades that are light, fancy light, fancy, fancy deep, fancy dark.


My Use and Purity – Champagne Diamond

Champagne DiamondChampagne Colors are mostly used in expensive jewelry like necklaces and rings. These Diamonds’ unique hues make your personality different. These Diamonds are supposed to help you to fulfill your dreams and support you to innovate your ideas. These support you into your destiny. It is deemed that it brings up the interior calm and peace into your soul. If you are wearing this as a necklace and rings then it comes to bring a positive attitude in yourself.

This Diamond relegates the negative objects from your mind and allows a great positive thinking and positive energy to your body. Champagne Color is found very pure and clear. This purity is very famed for its hues and tone, saturation. Hues denote the visibility of the color and tone denotes the darkness of the color and saturation denotes the intensity of the color. This Diamond cutting is very hard and makes it valuable. These Diamonds clarity shows the purity of it.


I am a Healer!

Champagne DiamondChampagne Diamonds have certain good powers. It allows a good and stable mentality to your mind. It helps you get rid of the mental stress and keeps your mindset. These Diamonds have powers to keep control of your emotions and decrease emotional pain. These Diamonds are very marvelous that abate you with fear and offer positive energy to grow up accordingly. This Diamond has the power to keep you dynamic.

These Diamond offers a stylish and unique individuality to them who adopt this. They are a very good Gemstone to hold back the pressure. It improves your skills and grants the adventure. It helps to make easy every step of your life.

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