“Welcome to the World of Ammolite”

ammoliteAmmolite also is known as Aapoak Gem, Ammonite, Calcentine, and Korite is a Beautiful Organic Gemstone found in the Rocky Mountains of North America. It is made from Fossilized shells of sea Creatures called Ammonites.

The terms Ammolites and Ammonites are two different terms. Ammolites are Gemstones while Ammonites were animals. This Gemstone is Pulchritudinous and has several shades through the Spectrum. The color of This Gemstone is usually green and red and sometimes it has yellow Tint under Ultraviolet rays. As Blue and Violet Colored Ammolites are Rare and therefore they are valuable.

It can be found in Indian Kainah reserve in Canada. ‘Korite International’ has first and the Biggest producer of Ammonites and it was supported by Kaniha Indians. This Unique and Rare Gemstone has a hardness of 3.5-4.5, and it has a thin sheet of 0.5-0.8mm.


Know my Story!

ammoliteThe Story of this rare Gemstone begins about 70-75millions years ago. It is believed that This Stone hold Vibrations and Positive Energies of the Universe. And this Energy will help you to tackle any problem, trauma, or challenges. It is a Stone which will Increase wisdom and Wealth and that’s why it is also known as seven color prosperity Stone.

Ammolites are purchased in 3 forms for Jewelry – Naturals, Doublets, and Triplets. It can be used to make pendants, brooches, and earrings. It’s the hardness is 3.5, it can scratch easily. Some chemicals and acid and perfumes, Hairsprays can damage it. And that’s why one should use a soft, non-Abrasive cloth to clean it. This Gemstone has a Different Characteristic of color shifting. It means that it shows different colors while we move it.

It’s the Largest demand is in Asia where people use to value the Stone for its Beauty. In India, it is used in its handmade Jewelry.

ammoliteFossils can be found everywhere in the world but Ammolites Gemstone can be found in only one place the Bear paw geological formation in Canada. Blackfoot people believe that this Gemstone is a gift of land it. The Blackfoot people tell the story of Iniskim.

One day the people had nothing to eat because they can’t herd Buffaloes there. One day, a woman of this area was roaming Around in search of Firewood and then She heard a Beautiful song she followed it and it leads to him in a cave where She found a Bright Stone and due to this Song, a large herd came beside the camp. And the people were now able to acquire food.

The Buffalo became everything to them and provide the Necessities of Life to them. Ammolite was a Semi-Precious Stone until 1981 and then its commercial mining started, and in 2007, the Alberta and town Lethbridge made it an Official Gemstone of their town.


Talk about my Use and Purity –

ammoliteAccording to feng shui, Ammolites promotes ‘Qi’ enhances the Well Being and Prosperity. Its Beautiful Colors stimulate positive energies and Wealth and Wisdom. It is said that by placing the Ammolite in the homes, it promotes Happiness in the Home. And by placing it in office, it promotes good business Dealings. In fact, Crystal Healers use this Stone for promoting Personal awakening.  Ammolites are used in Jewelry in free form Cabochons. It can be used in rings, bracelets or pendants. Using it in rings, it should have a hard protective cap.

Ammolites were even used in folk medicines in Europe in snake bites fertility etc. Also, it was gifted at Weddings as they represent the two Different parts coming together on a journey. It is proof that in Nature nothing is wasted, as the Ammonites were once living beings. It shows that Energies cannot be wasted. It was used in buffalo hunting in Blackfoot tribes of Canada. And it provides the Necessities of their Life to them.


I do have Certain Powers –

ammoliteIt is said that Ammolite Increases the stamina, balance the Blood pressure and the pulse. Also, it works in Detoxifying and Purifying a body. Using Ammolite will create positive Energy around you. And a stable blood Pressure in one’s body can combat Stress. If you are under the pressure it is advised and meditates with an Ammolite.

It’s colored Signify the harmonious balance of wood, water, metal, fire, and Earth. It opens the door of Opportunities to you and you will find so many new challenges and it will Increase your creativity and Imagination.

Ammolites even to add Protectiveness in your Relationship and this will give stability in your relationship. This will destroy the barriers that will prevent you from loving completely and also from unhealthy attachments to people, things and situations. The Stones depict that holding the past is not going to help you so move towards a better future. A Stone that is connected with water and it also, influence you on an emotional level.

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